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"Break Building"


Building high breaks at snooker revolves as much around shot selection as it does around potting ability.

In certain circumstances the easiest ball to pot may be the wrong ball to attempt, especially if you are interested in scoring heavily and building big breaks in one visit to the table. Refusing to take the easiest ball available to pot is often necessary to progress to bigger breaks.

Outstanding break builders are constantly seeking to pot the balls which open up other options for the break to continue. A straight red into a corner pocket may be refused for a slightly more difficult pot which promotes other reds whilst retaining decent position on a colour.

In this way balls are manipulated around the table with little cannons, flicks and nudges constantly maneuvering balls into potable positions. Great players keep their options open and often seem to have numerous choices of pots available. Even when exact or perfect position is lost, there is often an alternative shot available to keep the break going.

This is often the result of perfect shot selection earlier in the break, shunning easier pots for the more difficult shots which provided greater break building potential. Planning ahead during your breaks is all part and parcel of successful break building and is equally as important as good potting ability.

Marry the two together and you are well on the way to making big breaks.

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