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"The Masse Shot


'An extreme form of swerve, played with an almost vertical strike'.

The masse shot is used in extreme situations, often when you are placed in a snooker. It is particularly useful when there is a short distance between the cue ball and the snookering ball, or between the snookering ball and the object ball.

As demonstrated in the picture opposite, the masse shot is one of the few shots that requires extreme downward striking on the cue ball. The cue is held as close to the vertical as possible and brought down sharply with very little follow through.

The gripping hand is brought down the cue for comfort and control, with the bridge hand raised on three fingers to form a suitable groove for the cue.

As you would imagine, this is a difficult discipline to master and will take a great deal of practice to work out the varying degrees of spin required to achieve your objectives. How the cue ball will spin, depends entirely on how you strike it and at what pace.

If you strike down on the back of the cue ball, the ball will initially go forwards and will then come back as the backspin takes effect. Striking the front of the cue ball will initially propel the ball backwards, until the spin takes effect and brings the cue ball forward with extreme topspin.

Should either shot be struck left or right of centre from this vertical position, the cue ball will react consistent with the side-spin imparted.

The 'Masse' Shot is rarely required, but when played correctly can be a match winner. Try it out, but be warned - this is a very difficult part of the game to perform well.

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