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"Potting from Memory

Even if we have a very good memory, we are all human and prone to forget. One thing you should always remember is you cannot possibly pot every ball that you go for.

When we miss pots we must look for the reasons why. If the missed pot is straight it can hardly be anything other than your cue action at fault because there is no angle to assess, but what about pots which are not straight?

Assuming that the cue ball is being hit in the centre and no side is applied unintentionally, the object ball must have been struck either too thick or too thin. Get on the practice table and repeat shots you til you learn exactly where you should be aiming.

There may be a type of shot you always hit too thin (or too thick) and only 'trial and error' and practicing the same shot several times in succession, will convince you of the need to hit it thicker or thinner as the case may be. In other words, your eye can sometimes be at fault in picking out the wrong angle and the pot is either slightly thicker or slightly thinner than you think it is.

What could be worse than hitting the object ball exactly as you intend; only to discover you are hitting it in the wrong place? With a certain amount of practice, the correct spot can be found. It is then up to you to remember and recognize this angle. When the shot comes up in a match you will only get one chance.

Through practice and memory you learn to pick out the potting angles, but you always need a true cue action for your memory to be much good to you.

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