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How do you answer those questions and queries that do not seem to be covered by the rulebooks? How do you further your own knowledge of the game? How do you become a snooker referee?

In this section, Class One Referee John Bell answers all your questions and queries. Ask about the rules, etiquette, history or even specific areas of interest to you.

A referee for twenty- five years, John passed his refereeing examinations at Lilleshall in 1989, becoming a PES (Passed Examiners Seminar) graded official, allowing him to examine, mark and grade Class Two and Three referees.

John has refereed many of the great players of the last two decades, officiating in matches and exhibitions involving former World Champions Alex Higgins, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, John Parrot, Terry Griffiths, Joe Johnson and Dennis Taylor.

Other famous names include Jimmy White, Tony Knowles, Willie Thorne, Doug Mountjoy, Anthony Hamilton, Dave Harold, Rod Lawler, Quinten Hann and Ian McCullogh.

Write to ask him anything that may concern or interest you by email at; asktheref@fcsnooker.co.uk

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