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"Glossary of Snooker Terms and Descriptions

1. Address - the starting point for the shot: with the tip to the cue ball.
2. Angles - the lines created to the pockets between balls.
3. A Break - a sequence of scoring shots - the number of points scored in one visit.
4. Back Foot - the rear foot in the stance.
5. Backspin - the effect of striking the cue ball below centre.
6. Back Swing - the backward motion of the cue before striking.
7. Baize - the cloth covering the bed of the table.
8. Baulk Line - the line at the upon which the yellow, green and brown spots are positioned.
9. Bed - the playing surface of the table.
10. Break Off - the first shot of the match, played with the cue ball in the 'D'.
11. Break Down - when a player loses control of the table and a break finishes.
12. Bridge - the position and shape of the non-cueing hand, allowing the cue to travel to the object ball.
13. Bridge Arm - the arm that rests on the table supporting the body when and solidifying the stance.
14. Bottle - the term given to a players ability to cope with pressure.
15. Butt End - the base of the cue.
16. Canopy / Light Shade - the housing for the light above the table.
17. Chalk - the substance used on the cue tip providing grip between the leather and the cue ball.
18. Check side - side spin that narrows the angle from which the cue rebounds from the cushion.
19. Clearance - a sequence of scoring shorts which continues until the player has potted all the balls left on the table.
20. Cluster - the term given to the pack of reds when closely grouped.
21. Cue - wooden implement used for playing.
22. Cue Action - the manner in which a player prepares and then delivers the cue on striking.
23. Cue Arm - the arm controlling the cue / the back arm.
24. Cue Ball - the 'white' ball; the only ball struck with the cue.
25. Cueing - the motion of the cue before and during delivery.
26. Cue Tip - small leather tip on the end of a cue.
27. Cushion - rubber surrounds covered with baize to the table.
28. 'D' - the semi-circle on the baulk line from which all strokes must be played when the striker has ball in hand.
29. Deep Screw - when exaggerated back spin is imparted on the cue ball.
30. Double - when the object ball is potted after striking a cushion.
31. Double-Kiss - a second contact on the object ball.
32. Drag - the term used to describe the motion of cue ball after topspin is imparted to the cue ball after it is struck below centre, initially imparting back spin.
33. Drill - the method and approach to every shot.
34. Even Sighted - when the cue is placed under the chin equidistant between both eyes.
35. Extension - fitted to the butt of the cue, providing additional cue length.
36. Feel / Feeling - the control that must be in your game when playing different kinds of shots.
37. Fingertip Grip - holding the butt of the cue in the fingertips.
38. Flick - when a ball catches / glances another.
39. Fluke - a lucky shot that was not pre-planned.
40. Follow Through - after striking the cue ball the distance the cue continues.
41. Forcing Shot - a stroke played above normal pace with a specific objective.
42. Foul Stroke - a shot or action that infringes the rules, incurring a penalty.
43. Free Ball - the option to play at and pot any ball, awarded after a foul shot ends in a snooker.
44. Freeze / Froze - when nerves prevent a player performing satisfactorily.
45. Full-Ball Contact - covering the object ball completely with the cue ball when struck.
46. Grip - the manner in which the cue is held in the back / controlling hand.
47. Half-Ball Contact - covering half the object ball with the cue ball when struck.
48. Half Butt - a seven and a half foot cue with matching rest used for shots beyond the reach of the rest.
49. In Off - when a ball goes into a pocket after striking another ball. Normally referring to the white ball.
50. Kick - a poor contact between cue ball and object ball.
51. Kiss - contact by the cue ball on a object ball.
52. Left Eyed - when the left eye is dominant.
53. Loop Bridge - to raise the forefinger for the cue to run through / the type of bridge used when cueing off the cushion.
54. Loose Grip - when the cue is held lightly in the tips of the fingers.
55. Long Rest - longer version of the rest for increased reach.
56. Masse - striking vertically down on one side of the cue ball, to create maximum swerve.
57. Master Eye - the dominant eye for sighting.
58. Maximum - a scoring sequence in which the player pots all fifteen reds, with blacks and then takes all the colours to record a maximum total of 147 points.
59. Miscue - incorrect striking of the cue ball.
60. Nap - the collection of fibres that make up the cloth - the pile.
61. Natural Angle - the angle the cue ball takes after striking an object ball without spin.
62. Nipping - gripping the cue more tightly upon impact with the white.
63. Object Ball - the target ball / ball to be struck.
64. Pack - the reds, when together.
65. Pause - when the waggles stop in preparation of striking.
66. Plain Ball - centre striking of the cue ball, without imparting side-spin.
67. Plant - when one object ball is played onto another in order to pot the second.
68. Pocket - the holes created for the balls to be potted into.
69. Position - the lay of the balls.
70. Pot - the term to given to a ball promoted into the pocket.
71. Power Shot - the term given to advanced cueing techniques played at speed, with power.
72. Quarter Ball Contact - covering a quarter of the object ball with the white, when struck.
73. Rail - wooden surround to the cushion.
74. Rest - wooden implement for enhanced reach.
75. Right Eyed - when the right eye is dominant.
76. Rhythm - the smoothness of the cueing action and manner around the table.
77. Running Side - side spin which widens the angle at which the cue ball rebounds from the cushion.
78. Safety Shot - defensive shot that laves the opponent in a position that is deemed to be safe.
79. Screw - the back spin imparted when the cue ball is struck below centre.
80. Scoop - used to describe the motion of the cue when lifted above the horizontal.
81. Set - a type of plant in which the two object balls are touching.
82. Shot - the term that describes hitting the cue ball with a purpose within the game.
83. Shot to Nothing - tactical shot in which a pot is attempted in such a way as to leave the opponent safe if the shot is missed.
84. Side Spin - the effect of striking the cue ball off centre.
85. Snatch - on the shot when the cue is not delivered smoothly.
86. Snooker - when the object ball is obstructed by an intervening ball that is not 'on'.
87. Spider - implement for cueing over another ball.
88. Stance - the position of the body when down on the shot.
89. Strike / Striking - when hitting the cue ball / when one ball hits another.
90. Stun - when the cue ball is killed on the point of impact after back spin has been imparted upon it.
91. Swerve - downward striking on the cue ball causing it to deviate from the normal path.
92. Tight - when the gap for a ball to pot into a pocket is very small / when a ball is close to the cushion.
93. Top Spin - the spin placed on the white when struck at the top.
94. Touching Ball - as it sounds, when one ball is touching another.
95. V -the shape created between the thumb and the top knuckle of the forefinger on the bridging hand.
96. Waggles - the backward and forward motion of the cue before striking / the preliminary address.
97. Wrist Cock - the action of the wrist on the final back swing, just before striking.

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