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"Long Reds"

Practise the shot shown and all variations relating to it.

Take it on to the left hand pocket as well as the right hand pocket, altering the distance between the cue ball and the object ball and also the distance between the object ball and the pocket.

The shot depicted is approximately 8 foot to 9 foot long with a 2 foot carry to the pocket.

Pot the red and attempt to stun the white dead, leaving perfect position for the black. Once a degree of consistency has been obtained with the stun shot, attempt to pot the ball whilst also screwing the ball back. This will take extremely good cueing and is a shot that even some professional players cannot play.

The screw shot over distance will require excellent timing and cueing if any degree of success is to be obtained. It is an advanced shot in any snooker player's armoury and is one which even the very top players think long and hard about before attempting.

You will quickly realise that this shot is extremely difficult to master. Remember timing and not strength of shot is the key component in playing this shot well.

Timing creates the power, not hitting the ball hard.

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