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"Keep Practising"

I can assure you that top players, if they have any hiccups in their form they will go straight to the practice table to sort things out.

They would need and wish to make sure they are going straight through the cue ball smoothly and with a good follow through. All that is needed to check this is correct is to cue along the baulk line addressing the brown spot, (Fig 1).

Now with nice long waggles and a good rhythm, you can check to see that the cue remains constantly over the baulk line, (Fig 2).

It must also remain so after you have finished the last back swing and gone through to hit your chest with the back hand. Because you have addressed the brown spot to start with you can also check to see how far you have gone through the cue ball, (Fig 3).

If you should find that the cue is slightly offset from the baulk line all that is required is to feel just where you are hitting your chest and adjust accordingly. With practice you should be able to groove a good straight cue action without even hitting a ball.

Once you have re-familiarised yourself with straight cueing, now you can concentrate on potting balls. First of all line the balls up and down the table, (Fig 4) trying to pot red and colour.

Afterwards test your cueing by lining up the balls across the middle of the table, (Fig 5). The exercise is to pot the balls after making sure you have a straight shot from the baulk line into one of the top pockets.

After this exercise vary your practice and attempt the longer shots with the object balls level with the pink spot. These should be played with both back and top-spin. Remember these shots can all be match winners and 100% concentration should be applied when practicing. (For more information on practice visit Practice Routines).

So how many hours practice is needed every day? I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked this question and I will repeat again - you will not get any more out of the game than you are prepared to put in.

Having said this, practice does not have to be continuous. Regular breaks and rests are advisable if you find your concentration and attention span slipping.

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