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fcsnooker Table Leg Designs Available for Snooker Tables, Snooker Dining Tables, English Pool Tables, English Pool Dining Tables and American Pool Tables

fcsnooker's Solid Hardwood Snooker Tables - Leg Designs
The Elite Snooker Table
The Regal Snooker Table
The Classic Snooker Table
The Century Snooker Table
The Buckingham Snooker Table
The Majestic Snooker Table
The Elegance Snooker Table
The Traditional Snooker Table
The Refinement Snooker Table
fcsnooker's Solid Hardwood Convertible Snooker Dining Tables - Leg Designs
The Elite
The Regal
The Elegance
The Traditional
The Century
The Refinement
fcsnooker's - Veneered Laminate and Solid Hardwood English Pool Tables - Leg Designs
The Club
The Atlanta
The Original
The Prince
The Refinement
The Contemporary
The Regal
The Royal
The Excellence
fcsnooker's Solid Hardwood Convertible English Pool Dining Tables - Leg Designs
The Century
The Traditional - Square Legs
The Traditional - Tapered Legs
fcsnooker's American Pool Tables - Leg Designs
The Classic
The Traditional
The Refectory

Why fcsnooker?

All our tables are built to exacting manufacturing specifications, from top quality kiln dried woods, providing durable performance and long-lasting value for money for many years to come. Time and time again your snooker, pool or convertible billiard dining table will provide a source of great enjoyment for all that use it.

To cope with increasing demand and awareness of the fcsnooker Tournament range of hardwood snooker tables, fcsnooker have increased our model range to ensure that a fcsnooker snooker dining table meets with every requirement and budget.

Please contact info@fcsnooker.co.uk for further information, specific enquires, delivery costs and lead times for manufacturing.

fcsnooker - 282 Ribbleton Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 5EB - 01772 702211

Snooker Tables, Snooker Dining Tables, English Pool Tables and American Pool Tables are very heavy, durable and long-lasting pieces of leisure equipment. Shown below are many examples of recently installed table products in clients home addresses.
Recently Installed Snooker Tables from fcsnooker
Recently Installed Convertible Snooker Dining Tables from fcsnooker
Recently Installed English Pool Tables from fcsnooker
Recently Installed Convertible English Pool Dining tables from fcsnooker

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To order a newly manufactured snooker or pool table a 10% deposit will be required to book into the fcsnooker order book. Deposit payments are non-refundable should any table order be cancelled. Final remittance payments payable after the table is fully installed and all products and services have been completed.

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