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Thanks Duncan, wow you certainly are travelling!
We didn’t know about the second player being possibly asked to play the re-spotted pink again.
We live and learn.
Thanks again,
Take care
james Barns Mon 16/06/2008 15:59
Thanks Duncan, much appreciated. Photos look great.
Hope you all had a good following few days out of the mud.
Best Regards, Jake Dowse Mon 16/06/2008 18:40
Hi Duncan,

Thank you for the tables they are great.
The chaps have not left the table iron for the snooker tables, they did use it on the tables but has not left it with the accessories we have stored. Can you possibly send it through to us.

Hope you are enjoying the Football,

Kind Regards,
Anthony Roberts Thu 26/06/2008 14:30

Hi Duncan,
Thank you for your e-mail. We don't want to mess you about, but would it be possible to make the table 6 x 4? We have had another look at the room: dimensions 13'3" x 14'2". We have 2 awkward points: one end wall, and there is a pillar at the other end wall which means you have to make an angled shot.
Otherwise everything is O.K. We also enjoyed our meeting with you!
Await your reply.
Jan Beaumont

June 29, 2008 11:10 AM


Thank you for getting back to me.

If I can be of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me

Kind regards

Jon Green
Fri 11/07/2008 15:32

Hello Duncan, I hope Henry and Mark had a safe, uneventful journey home from Cornwall. It was very interesting to observe the erection of the table. Please pass on my thanks once again to them for their efforts. Digby Atkinson Thu 03/07/2008 10:14
Hi Duncan,
thank you very much for your nice, fast and detailed reply.
Bettina Zbikowski Sun 13/07/2008 21:23
Hi Duncan, yes, I received your mails. Thank you for that. But I'm still on tour around the uk picking up used snookertables and then do some tablefitting around germany until friday night. I will respond to your emails on saturday. Thanks for your patience.
Sascha Lippe Tue 13/07/2010 22:20
Duncan, That was a great e-mail. And yes it would be on the ground floor. Many thanks I'll be in touch.
Regards Dr Malcolm Berry Thu 07/01/2010 14:04
Thankyou for your reply to my email, I am sorry to have bothered you, I should have contacted Simon Barker of Snookermainia which I have now done.
Once again thankyou for your help and assistance Regards
Jim Robinson Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:33 PM
Hi Duncan, Thank you for your information! I’m very well but a little bit too stressed on my work!
The delivery date on Wednesday the 12th August 2009 is ok for me! Thanks and best regards Peter Kocher
04 August 2009 20:56
Hi Duncan Just been in meetings every time you called. Very nearly there - would hope to take delivery next month. Am just waiting on couple of things to be finished off. Will call you next week Kind regards and as every huge thanks for your patience.
Graeme Snell  26/06/2008 17:13
Thanks again Duncan, Here is the model (below). I am going to make some calls and hopefully someone local will be available. In the meantime if you have any general tips, I'd be extremely grateful. One thing is for sure is that I will be using you to purchase any future supplies or accessories, and will be recommnding your company. Working in customer service, loyalty is someting we value ourselves on and I try to extend the same kind courtesy I receive. - Neil Cosgrove - 23/07/08 - 11.16
Hi Duncan. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to look into this seriously. Many others would have looked at the location and sent the enquiry straight to "delete"!!! That is a good sign that you take all enquiries seriously, which so often is not the case in this day and age. Well, you are 100% correct. Yes, this was an eBay bargain. £2,000 table for £500, so to that effect I am ecstatic, particularly as it's the exact unusual specification I've been pricing up for a while now. My issue is that I am only collecting and storing the table (as it won't be installed for some months while I move house). I am concerned about damaging the table upon dismantling it. I have access to a flat bed vehicle, and am happy to take the journey. As much as anything the expertise dismantling the table is, I suppose, what I need most - as delivery is looking quite scary (reasonable given the labour, and travel, but scary in terms of absolute cost). I think you are quite right and I need to look at more local options to either me, or to the seller, but once again thank you very much for taking the time to outline costs despite this not being a viable option. If you have access to any documents/websites, or anything that would help a practically minded person dismantle a table, let me know. I appreciate there is no business or reward in this for you, but if you don't ask! Sorry that I can't think of a sensible way to put some business your way on this one and many thanks again for your time. Neil Cosgrove- UK Customer Services Manager - 21/07/08 - 17.17
Morning Duncan, I can confirm we have recieved the money, and the first delivery is all booked for Monday at 09:00. Thanks for your prompt attention and Kind regards, Alex Bowler - 16/07/08 - 14.50 
Thats correct and thanks for drawing that to my attention and for all information communicated to date. Kind regards, Alex Bowler - 15/0708 - 10.31
Thank you for your previous e mail explaining why my order was delayed. I have now received my order this morning, in fact i had to collect from the sorting office as they could not deliver without a signature, when i opened the parcel there was only 1 dozen chalk, when i payed for the invoice it says buy2 @ £9.00 which i thought it was for 2 dozen, could you explain why i only got 1 dozen. Mr Mark Thornell - 14/07/07 - 13.58
Hi Duncan, thank you very much for your nice, fast and detailed reply. Let me first specify the final model we have decided on, this would be: - 7 x 4 foot - The Excellence - Hardwood Ash - Olive Cloth.....Our postcode is "434 92 Vallda" Please make the quote including VAT and shipping - we are prepared that shipping costs might be quite high but hope it still will be affordable :-) It would be great if you could also let us know what payment methods you offer....Kind regards...Bettina Zbikowski - 06/07/08 - 19.14
Duncan, Thank you for getting back to me. If I can be of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards...Jon Wright - 05/07/08 - 12.02
Hello Duncan, I hope Henry and Mark had a safe, uneventful journey home from Cornwall. It was very interesting to observe the erection of the table. Please pass on my thanks once again to them for their efforts. Would you send me a receipt for the total amount for insurance purposes please to my address at work. Many thanks, Digby Atkinson - 05/06/08
Thanks for the update, much appreciated - Rod Campbell - 04/07/08 - 13.49
Received the goods with thanks - Tim Lee - 04/07/08 - 11.18
Thank-you for all you have done - Janet Beaumont - 02/07/08 - 08.30
Hi Henry, Thanks for coming and re-fitting the cloth, table looks great, but not sure about the Burgundy colour Moira chose!! - Peter Jones - 30/06/08 - 09.39
Hi Duncan, Just been in meetings every time you called. Very nearly there - would hope to take delivery next month. Am just
waiting on couple of things to be finished off. Will call you next week. Kind regards and as every huge thanks for your patience. Graeme Snell - 27/06/08
Hi Duncan, Thank you for the tables they are great. The chaps have not left the table iron for the snooker tables, they did use it on the tables but has not left it with the accessories we have stored. Can you possibly send it through to us. Hope you are enjoying the Football, Kind Regards, Anthony - 26/06/08 - 23.15

Hi Mark, Thanks for all the information. Hope you have a good journey to Liverpool airport in the morning. We will be waiting at international arrivals and have transport organised to the villa. Kind wishes, Terry 26/06/08 - 17.11

Hi Duncan, Wow what a fast service!!! Thanks......Yes I’ll put a cheque in the post to you tomorrow and will send a follow up email to let you know it’s been posted out. Best regards, Lindsey - 26/06/08 - 14.45

Thank you, Kind Regards, Barry Smart, Sales Office Manager - 24/06/08 - 23.11

Hello Duncan, Many thanks for this mail and I look forward to receiving the info through the post, I did receive Marks mail but when I opened the attachment it was blank, still as long as I get the quotation by some form of mail it doesn't matter. I will confirm receipt as soon as I receive it. Many thanks, Moira - 20/06/08 - 10.32
Thanks Duncan, much appreciated. Photos look great. Hope you all had a good following few days out of the mud. Best Regards, Jake
Thanks Duncan, wow you certainly are travelling! We didn’t know about the second player being possibly asked to play the re-spotted pink again. We live and learn. Thanks again, Take care. James Barnes - 16/06/08 - 15.16

Dear Mr. Webb, Thank you for your reply, and I appologize as well for not replying to you sooner. As it seems at the moment, we might have already found some tables that are already here in Cyprus. In case we don't reach an agreement, I will be contacting you again with all the details necessary for you to make us a quotation. Thank you again, and we keep in touch. Best regards,Mihaela Stoica - 11/06/08
Thank you very much for your kind reply. No other company bothered replying, probably because there was no money to be earnt!!Best regards, Mike Fenwick - 30/05/08 
Duncan, Thank you for the revised quote..One small point that I have just noticed - there is no mention of a table cover. I assume this is included, but if not please add it to the list as I guess it is an essential. I hope your overseas trips go well. With thanks and best regards for all done to date. Michael. 015/05/08 - 19.27
Hi Duncan, Sorry for not replying earlier - yes I've received a bunch of them and will go through them shortly. I'm currently jammed up with book-keeping and tax reporting. How fun isn't that? :-) Thank you very much for your information so far! Regards, Michael Bingmert - 12/05/08 - 12.12
Hi Duncan, Yes I'm receiving your messages safely. Thanks a lot for all your time and effort. May 1st was a public holiday here in France and I took the Friday too to have a long weekend. Good news that Paul is still interested. Hopefully we'll be in the house by October and will be able to avoid your busy season. As you can imagine I don't have total control over this though. Now I know that Paul is still interested I will contact him directly as you suggest. For information I am torn between the Regal which I originally enquired about and the Excellence. I will confirm as soon as I can. I now have a clearer picture of the space I will have in the room and am pretty sure that I will go for a 7ft table as originally indicated. Regards, Steve - 05/05/08 - 14.56
Hi Duncan, thanks for the speedy reply. I received it no problem, and will try to contact Steve tomorrow shortly before the final takes place. Thanks for your help. Regards, Sam - 03/05/05 - 23.14
Thx for all the information supplied, best regards, Mario - 02/05/08 - 08.30
Dear Duncan, Thank you for supplying the Board Room / Snooker Table which we are extremely pleased with. The process of ordering through to the installation was dealt with professionally and I would have no hesitation to recommend your services to any of my friends or colleagues. Thank you for providing the invoice as specified. Kind regards, Doug Hepsworth. - 29/04/08 - 18.35
Thanks for info Mark, much appreciated, it must have taken ages to write all that! Leave it with me and we will confirm plans very soon, Regards, Steve Roberts - 29/04/08 - 13.00

Dear Duncan, Thank you for your extensive email and prices which I confirm receiving. I have a meeting with the customer next week (Tuesday) and will inform you with the result. Best regards, Mohammed Kammah - President Catrig Corp. 28/04/08 - 12.49

In response to your reply to me re: Roy Andrewartha, he is highlighted on the Wikipedia as having reached the quarter finals, beating John Spencer 9 - 8 to get there and then being beaten by Doug Mountjoy 9 - 4, who went on the win against David Taylor in the final, however it was not the world championship as I thought but the Coral UK championship of 1978. I thank you for your efforts in trying to find for me info on Roy Andrewartha. I work with his daughter. Raymond - 27/04/08 - 14.22

Thank you Henry, i appreciate your time, chris - 25/04/08 - 11.30
Hi Duncan, Table installed and really pleased with it! Everything we hoped it might be and more! So glad we found you on the internet and made the call... Pleasure to meet Henry and the team. Very knowledgable and professional. Thanks for the set of pool balls. Would you like to send us an 'fc snooker' plaque to go on the end panel of the table? Your mark of quality! We'd be pleased to display it. I'm sure you will hear from us again. In the meantime, we're quite happy for you to use us as a reference and we'd be glad to demonstrate the table to any potential customer in this area. We'll send you a picture once we've had chance to hang the light. Best Regards, Peter & Irene Davies - Brecon - 24/04/08 - 17.55
Thank you for your advice I have found someone in brigg they are charging 660 to assemble and recover in a strachan cloth.
Do you think this is resonable. Many thanks, Mark - 24/04/08 - 13.29
Hi Duncan, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yeah Friday is fine thanks, Sandy Foster - 23/04/08 - 09.37
Hi Duncan, Oooooch. I would have thought about 50 quid but I guess it is last minute. Put it down to experience. On a different subject thanks to all your team with the table installations in Madrid. I researched long and hard and must have spoke with 200 snooker supply companies in the first instance. It was only after receiving your replies that I truly believed I would be able to make it all happen. Best regards, Mark - 17/04/08 - 16.35
Many thanks for your reply. We will await your contact. John - 16/04/08 - 16.23
Thank you again Duncan, I'll see what I can arrange from my end and let you know. Regards, John F. Black - Barrister and Solicitor - 11/04/08 - 15.25
Many thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Cheers. David Sainsbury - 11/04/08 - 09.27
Thanks Again Duncan, So the table is when its in Dinning Table mode 31 inches when the reccomended for TT is 30. As we are not proffessional is proable won't matter. We are in Kent so you are a bit too far away for a visit. Regards Steve - 10/04/08 - 17.02
Hi Duncan, Great reply, more than I needed. All recd and fully understood, Regards....Geoff - 10/04/08 - 14.40
Dear Duncan, Thanks for the prompt reply. We are looking for and 8 X 4 table. The problem is my son loves snooker and i prefer table tennis. What we are really looking for is a table that combines the 2. We are not really worried about it tuning into a dining room table as this is just somthing else to store. Does your table height meet the reguulation height for a table tennis table? Do you sell the Elegance Tapered Leg table without the dining top? As table tennis experts are you considering manufacturing a combined table tennis/ snooker table in the future? We have been searching for a while but have not found one. Thanks for all your assistance to date, much appreciated. Regards Steve - 09/04/08 - 13.12
Dear Duncan, The pool table plays beautifully and looks beautiful. Thank you very much for the care and professionalism you demonstrated in creating, delivering and installing the table. Your enthusiasm for the appropriate use of quality materials has been evident throughout and clearly produces an excellent finished product. Its many admirers who are now using the table for management meetings, and in its recreational mode, are very pleased we have obtained a product that is so very fit for its purpose.The support Trinity Church project has received from supporters and suppliers has now delivered a completed Church and Community Centre that is sustainable for decades to come.Alan Shearer opened the Community Centre element last Friday, and as I expected he could not resist, playing on the table with some of the Youth Club members. Photographers took shots of Alan on the fcsnooker table and I will pass them on to you as a Blackburn and Shearer fan. There was such a crush I doubt there will be one with just Alan and the table on their own. Six new members arrived at he club on its opening night and all the kids are talking about bringing others who have asked to come along so there are a lot of good things going on here. Adults are making arrangements to play on the table and the management committees are worried the room won’t be available for meetings! These are great challenges to have.Thank you for producing a table that will attract and give pleasure to so many users of all ages, and please pass on our thanks to your team. Yours sincerely Charlie Parker - 07/04/08 - 10.30

Hi Duncan, The table is great and all went to plan. I can confirm the order details with one comment: can i upgrade the wall rack please?. Regards, Peter 06/04/08 - 22.40

Hi Duncan, I would just like to say a big thankyou to you and your team following the installation of my table. From the first email you, to the lads driving away on Friday, I have to say that I wish every company I dealt with was as professional, helpful and as efficient as yourselves. As you told me previously, the table is as good as anything I have ever played on, the bite off the cushions is perfect and it is so nice to be able to stroke the ball and not force it. The cut of the pockets helps my game because concentration has to be spot on to find those leathers. As you know I have waited a long time for this and it is worth every penny spent, I am so glad I decided to invest in it and hopefully it will mean a return to the odd Sunday pro-am for me in a couple of months. . I will take some photos and email them over to you sometime this week ( haven't had time to get it out the case yet!!), the room looks great. One question, can you give me a price on a cushion brush if they are still available? Thanks once again, I will always recommend FC Snooker to anybody. Regards, Paul - 06/04/08 - 17.21

Hi Duncan, Once again, thank for your very professional answer : fast an precise. Your personnal offer is such interesting aspecially in relation to the quality of your tables. Regardless, owning an English handmade snooker table in Mulhouse would cost twice the price of the only table. I will think about it. Thanks for all and best regards, Nicolas FESTOU - 05/04/08 - 15.25
Duncan, Thank you for your kind attention I can confirm the order as being correct please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. Kind regards, Doug Hepsworth - 04/0408 - 16.02
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for that information - very useful and informative. Brian - 03/04/08 - 15.34
Hi Henry, Thanks for everything, a million thanks!!!!!. It is much appreciated. I wish others were as kind. I'll have a look at the new website hopefully today/tomorrow (It's been a bit busy lately)! Kind regards, Caroline. 03/04/08 - 11.04
Dear Duncan, Many thanks for your prompt service and delivery arrangement of the snooker table. The delivery date of Tuesday 15th April will be fine. All the details are correct but if I have any further questions then I will not hesitate to contact you. Kind regards and best wishes Miss Alison Bacon - 02/04/2008 - 11.15
Hi Duncan, Thanks for coming back to me regarding the points below. I´ll speak to my parents / Angel and will confirm Pool ball order in due course. As you say, let´s leave Irakli to his own devices with E-Bay. Thanks also for the other email regarding the shipping dates. Best regards, Mark - 29/03/08 - 10.13
Duncan , I will send it next week. Thank you for your support and un derstanding as it is difficult to get businesss to suppoort charities at the best of times. Grant Seedhouse - 26/03/08 - 09.23
Thanks Duncan for the excellent service with the pool dining table. I will be in touch. Charlie - 17/03/08 - 22.10
Hi Duncan, thanks for the quick and very comprehensive reply. I'll talk it through with Steph when I next see her and let you know what we have decided. Paul - 15/03/08 - 22.47
Hello, Mr.Webb, Thank you for writing to me. I apologize in my reply having been late. I want to examine your suggestion without answering immediately. Please wait for me, during day or two. I reply by all means. Kind regards, AKIKO ASAI -15/03/08 - 17.48
Hey Duncan, Thank you. I will get in touch with steve sooner or later. thanks again for your help. Ankush - 12/03/2008 - 13.33 
Duncan, Many thanks for all the info. There was no need to go into such detail! Cheers, Ian - 09/03/2008
Hi Duncan, Good job you at least are organised! First of all sincere apologies for information advised yesterday and I can now confirm that I have spoken with who is now back in the UK, I have explained the situation to him and he confirmed to me that there are many men on site to assist with unloading on arrival, I have sent him a text so that he can respond to me with a mobile number for his brother in law Jake, and his wife Lu who are on site also, he has done this and I have asked the delivery agent to call them to make arrangements regarding delivery and also to confirm delivery address and directions. Thanks as always for your understanding. Regards, Steve - 07/03/2008
Dear Duncan, Thank you for your prompt reply. I will get all the details from Acapulco tomorrow and forward them to you so that you can advice on lighting etc. I think we have plenty of room to go with the 12 foot. That's what we have made the room for . I will contact you as soon as I have all in order. I am in Los Angeles California so we have a 8 or 9 Hr time difference. What time do you usually open in the morning? Regards Jose Domingo, 06/03/2008 - 18:34
Mark, the irony is that I was in Italy when you called and just returned last night (march 5th). The table was not delivered when I was there nor was anyone, other then you, in touch with me in its regards. There are plenty of people onsite to deal with the unloading. I am waiting for a section of dates so that I can discuss with you the installation and fine tuning of the table. Thank you for your patience - best regards, Andrew 06/03/2008 - 15.49
Duncan, your the best! Thanks again. Fred Cipriani 05/03/2008 - 19.33 
Hi Duncan, Thanks anyway for your feedback and suggestions. Kind regards. Roger 04/03/2008 - 14.06
Hi Duncan, Everything looks to be as we discussed. Thank you for your time on Friday, I was intrigued by Henry's guided tour of your premises and the extremely professional and well organised set up that you have up there. It is also great to discuss snooker with people who really know what the game is all about. I almost feel like a 6 year old who gets their first bike with stabilisers, the stabilisers being the rustiness which will take about a couple of hours to disappear. I do not want the room to be rushed in the finishing but as discussed the first or second week in April will be about right. I will be in touch the week commencing the 24th of March to arrange a convenient date for both of us. Thanks once again. Regards. Paul 03/03/2008 - 22.01
Hi Henry, Just picked up your message. Sorry I haven't been in contact sooner. To update you the table is still very much wanted but building works over-ran and were unsurprisingly over-budget. As such I am unable to progress the order until the sale of the house we bought to live in whilst our home was completed. The good news is that we are under offer on that one so with any luck I should have the money in approx 6-8 weeks. I would prefer not to schedule anything however until we exchange contracts just to be sure. To that end I will be in contact as soon as that happens. I've waited since I was a boy so a few weeks more shouldn't kill me!! Thanks very much for all your patience in this matter, I wish other tradesmen were as reliable and understanding. Regards Graeme - 3rd March 2008 - 16.02

Dear Mr. Webb, You are right, I called you earlier this week. Thank you very much for the information. It will certainly guide me. Best regards, Karim Rizk 29th February 2008 - 19.21

ok :) Thanks for everything Duncan, much appreciated and I shall look forward to receiving both tables in April 2008....Rainer Binder 18 February 2008 14:00
Duncan Thanks. Thats fine. Regards Mukesh 15 February 2008 21:02
Sure!.. but unfortunately it will be a few weeks before the chairs arrive .....Feel free to use me as a testimonial. Incidently all the testsimonials on the webb site are old. FYI, when i was researching on the web, it did cause me stop and wonder why., particularly as the rest of the site is so profesional. It gave the impresion that you had not sold any / many tables since 2006. This nearly put me off contacting you, (as i wanted to buy from a stable firm with a strong track record of deliveries), so you may wish to update them incase someone else is put off . If you do i would recomend putting the lastest testimonials first not last!..Hope the birthday went well......... Regards Paul.....They are not old anymore Paul!!! Completely up to date now....(Editor)
Hi Mark. My order arrived today and I'm totally pleased with both of the cues. The delivery was prompt. ( one week ) Thanks again for your advice. James Henderson - 12 February 2008 10:07
Sorry Duncan, I am trying to sell a snooker table if you are interested!!! Anne - 08 February 2008 11:05
Ok, Thanks Duncan...Cassy - 04 February 2008 21:26
Hi Duncan Thanks so much, this is definitely enough info to get us started. Thanks for your time. Leky Warner - 31 January 2008 21:01
Hi, thank you, that is sufficient, best wishes Rainer Binder Delticom 29 January 2008 11:08
Dear Duncan, Just to let you know that the cues arrived back safely this morning and look in great shape thank you. Thanks again for all you help. Regards to Mark and the team. Best wishes ..Mike 28 January 2008 11:09
Hi Duncan, Thank you very much, your cheque has just arrived. By the time you come to the Bahamas, if you win the lottery, I am quite sure that I will have practised enough to kick your ass on the snooker table (OK may be not). Thanks for everything Duncan (and Henry) and all the best for the future...Best Regards Chris 25 January 2008 12:02
Hi Duncan, It was a pleasure meeting you the other evening, the table is playing perfectly level now thank you. Any idea when I can expect the 7 cues back? Look forward to hearing from you ...Cheers Mike.. 22 January 2008 11:42
Duncan you were a pleasure to deal with-great service and great product. I always believe in being grateful. Will get you another set of pictures when the chance arises. Hope it all goes from strength to strength, best John Akers - 21 January 2008 12:30
Duncan Billiard Balls arrived in post this morning. Thank you for your assistance. (When I win the Lottery this evening and move into a property large enough for a full-size table, you will be my first port of call ! ) Regards Bob. 19 January 2008 11:34
Hi Duncan, Talking to Joe yesterday and he mentioned that you asked had we received the delivery you put in the post. Many thanks, yes we did. I did acknowledge by E Mail but thinking about it, I didn’t get your automated response so goodness knows where it went to! Thank you again for your assistance and we are looking forward to seeing Joe’s full sized snooker table!!! By the way, ours still hasn’t been in dining mode!! Do you think it ever will be? Take Care and have a good weekend. Kind Regards. Sheila. 18 January 2008 15:25
OK thanks Duncan, Kind regards, Alex Bowler - 17 January 2008 11:07
Dear Duncan, Thank you very much for your information regarding the shipping details, I will keep you informed when the goods arriving. best Regards Jamal - 16 January 2008 20:41
Dear Duncan, Many thanks for your prompt response and recommendation. Much appreciate your kindness and support. Take care and warm regards....Altaf Hirji ....14 January 2008 13:44
the items have arrived today. if the 1st lot arrive after going missing I will return them directly the next day. many thanks for all your help - john 09 January 2008 20:49
Thanks Mark, I learn something every day!!Take careand Happy New Year to you and all the staff at fcsnooker.....James in Germany....09 January 2008 15:00
Thank you for all the information., We shall be paying a visit hopefully very soon.Andy Seargant 03 January 2008 12:04
Thank you Duncan.....its a great help.. Have a good New Year...Regards..Mark Lawrence 28 December 2007 14:29
"I found fcsnooker on the Internet when I decided to purchase a snooker table to be installed in my house in the Bahamas. After studying their very comprehensive and informative web site I made contact with the managing director, Duncan Webb, and informed him of my needs. I received a very prompt response with a quotation offering me various options and covering everything that I needed in detail. I then decided to travel to the factory near Wigan and was met by Duncan who gave me a very interesting tour explaining all the stages of table construction and the shipping and installation process. I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail and the friendly approach of all the people involved. The table had to be delivered in a very tight timescale and whilst I thought that this would be the biggest problem all went exactly to schedule. Duncan's partner, Henry, flew out to install the table and with the help of a few strong guys to lift the slates, all was completed in less than a day and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, modern, light oak, full size snooker table on which I am sure that I shall spend many happy hours. I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of the table and the dealings that I had with fcsnooker and I can't recommend them highly enough." Henry - if you ever want me to speak to a prospective customer I should be happy to do so. I wish you, Henry and your families a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Best Regards Chris Stainforth - Bahamas - 20 December 2007 16:14
Duncan rack and receipt now received-thanks much. Have a great Christmas go well - John 19 December 2007 21:39
Thank you for your reply and the link. Jaimie - 17 December 2007 17:13
I refer to your e-mail dated 14th December 2007 and write to confirm that the order and delivery details are correct. I look forward to hearing from you re delivery date .Thanks for your attention to date, sorry if I have not responded as quickly as you!!....Kirsty - 14 December 2007 20:55
Hi Duncan,Just to say a big Thank you for your information. I called Terry who was very nice. He couldn't supply me with a table but he put me in touch with a company here in Hong Kong. I called them and they were very helpful and I took delivery of the table on Saturday. I would never have found them without your help as there is no listing in the phone book or on google etc. It has saved me a lot of effort bringing one back from the UK and my son is going to be over the moon on xmas day! Talk about going around the houses! I can't thank you enough, Hope you have a great xmas and a Happy New Year to you, Best wishes, Shirley Davie. 11 December 2007 06:03
Thanks a million Duncan. Sorry to make you spell it out ;) Mark Lynch - 10 December 2007 16:38
Thank you for your time yesterday. Sorry if the kids were a nuisance! The paperwork is fine and I look forward to seeing you on the 19th - David Ogden 07 December 2007 17:44
That is fine and i would like to thanbk-you for your honesty and transparency. I can wait until early Feb as you say it will be worth the wait. Jason - 06 December 2007 10:47
Many thanks for the email on my order placement. Everything is correct apart from the address, it just needs slight amendment. Correct delivery address is as follows: Thank-you once again for your service and i look forward to recieving the table. Nick Ashworth - 05 December 2007 22:23
Duncan My son was completly shocked and has been playing none stop and my daughter....its been a great xmas present, once again, thanks for everything - Suresh 05 December 2007 19:28
Duncan hope you well. I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your colleague who came to install my new pool table. Its a stunning table and everyones whos seen it, since its been installed loves it. I cant get on the table myself cos everyone else wants to play. Thanks to your advise we ordered the right table for us and i agree 100% with a 7x4 table being the best. I look forward to the new balls and will contact you soon for a cover and other accessories. Cheers and happy xmas Suresh & family - 05 December 2007 18:09
Hi Duncan Thank you very much for the quick and informative response, obviously Sunday is not a rest day for you!! Based on the information that you have sent, we detail our requirements below: Could you please confirm the price, payment terms and leading time from confirmed order? Thanks and best regards Clive Hammond. 02 December 2007 18:32
Thank you for sorting this out before christmas, much appreciated as I have a large familg gathering planned. Have read and agree with your invoice, my home phone number is: ........If you require picture of the room this can be done before delivery, have a nice weekend, see you on the 20th December 2007......Graham Mackie - 02 December 2007 09:41
Thanks. I will make contact with him tonight to sort out the payment arrangements...Christopher Jones - Switzerland - 28 November 2007 19:32
Yes, thanks, I did. I understand why the quote for delivery and installation was quite high, and appreciate your explaining it. I’ve decided to go for a supplier a bit close to home to keep costs down. although your service is without doubt the best i have received by email. Many thanks Kind regards Tim Fallan - 24 November 2007 18:14
Thanks Duncan, looks good! Personally I would prefer the green cloth, but the red suits my partner and the room decor better. Excited now to see the table - Paul Moy - 23 November 2007 18:27
Sorry, thats my misunderstanding...let's go for the spots and stripes then. Thanks for talking me through everything, myseklf and Emma were commenting on how customer focused you are!!! Nice to see. Thanks again - John and Emma - 21 November 2007 19:18
Thanks for the e-mail, I have checked all the documentation and confirm it to be a true record of our discussions. Many thanks for your input this morning, there ius a lot to consider with buying a table!!! Stephen - 19 November 2007 14:10
Sorry but a little too late as they have left Manchester this morning. I will leave the order until I am over in early december and then I can have a real look at what you have.Thanks anyway, you have been really helpful and I will definately be purchasing from you guys - David Welsby - 19 November 2007 12:01
Thanks for the order confirmation. I confirm that all the details are correct and look forward to the table arriving on 3rd December. - Peter Hollins 17 November 2007 18:58
"My name is Charles, and I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!" Charles, Canada 17 November 2007 10:21
Thanks for making me smile. Great photos. I promise to send you a photo of it installed when the room is finished (for it may not be at the time of installation).- Chris - 15 November 2007 18:31
Thanks Duncan, I will take the light and add the £155 to the order details - Alex Downie - 15 November 2007 06:26
Thank you for your kind reply. Jane Carruthers 03 November 2007 21:35
Thank you so much for the information about the snooker tables which is very much appreciated. This is just what we want at the moment and we will get in contact again when we ned to take matters further. Best regards, Mike and Caroline - 08 November 2007 10:57
Thanks Duncan. Have a goodone. The colour matching is perfect, thanks for the samples. Think of us slogging away in the blue square premiership....John Collins 02 November 2007 21:35
Many thanks for your prompt replies. I have decided to purchase a royal table but will be postponing the puchase until the sales in the new year..for the sake of waiting a few weeks it would make more sense. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any special offers coming up but i will be in touch in the new year. John - 02 November 2007 18:26
Thanks for the update Henry. My room is not yet ready for the table, but hopefully in 2-3 weeks it will be as the builders are making better progress now the weather is not so bad. Chris Reid - 02 November 2007 12:15
Thanks very much for the brackets etc which we recently received. Hope all is well with you and family. Blackburn seem to have come on strong recently-perhaps a possibility of a champs league position this season.Looks like Sparky's got them flying. All the best - Panos Panayi 31 October 2007 20:15
Thanks for the update Mark, much appreciated. Everything is fine here at my end and we are all having fun on the table. Catch you again next time in Preston - Steve Roberts 30 October 2007 16:21
Duncan, Thank you for your email which I have received. I did not expect you to go to so much time and effort in answering my question. My enquiries are only at a very early stage and it is something that I am only thinking about at the moment. Once again thank you very much for your help. Regards John - 28 October 2007 20:36
Mark, just a quick email to thank you and the rest of the table fitters for the work completed yesterday installing the table. I warned you there were a lot of stairs involved! Well done to all three of you! Thanks again, keep up the good work and I will be in touch when a new cloth is needed. Charles 27 October 2007 12:41
Many thanks Duncan. I am pleased I waited for a hardwpood table as opposed to veneers. The table is a fitting piece of furniture in the leisure room. Thanks Stuart - 25 October 2007 17:05
Hi Duncan, I just wanted to let you know that Stephen had written to me when you sent the mail below. I spoke to him on the phone that day and booked my lesson for yesterday. I was very pleased with how the lesson went, and would definately recommend Stephen to anyione who asks me. Gary Mitchell - 25 October 2007 09:07
I have got your emails. Thank you! I did not expect you to write so much! V. Helpful - Caiya 24 October 2007 12:36
Hi Steven, thanks for the update. We are at Annecy so Strasbourg is right on Duncan's route. June would be fine for me, but I first have to check the room dimensions when I am next down there before committing. I can tell you we bought a snooker/diner for our house in Holland from FC snooker and are really pleased with it, and also with the excellent service provided by Duncan regards, Paul 08 October 2007 12:17
Hi Duncan, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thanks to you and Henry for a great job. I am very pleased with the table. I hope Henry had a good trip back. Will speak again on my return. (Did Henry tell you I got clobbered with 82% duty!!!!) Best Regards - Chris Stainforth Bahamas - 07 October 2007 23:12
Will do and thanks again all your help - Robert Millar - 03 October 2007 11:21
Thanks for the info. It was a tiny blob of sour cream!! I will see how I get on - Cheers Michael - 17 September 2007 10:40
Duncan Thank-You very much for the snooker table its fantastic it looks like a full size profesional table thats been srunk to 6 by 3 when the dining top is on you cant tell its a snooker table, every one thats seen it thinks its brilliant even my daughter cant stay off the table. I would definitely recommend fc snooker to anyone. I ordered the table on monday and it was delivered and installed on friday very good. Thanks for the free cues and triangles.I could of got a table cheeper and closer to home but felt from talking to you that you really enjoy what you do and was very helpful.It was worth every penny. Thanks Again. Richard Hayden- Romford, Essex. 16 September 2007 08:18
Hi Duncan. Great, have received now. Thanks for your help. Neil - 19 August 2007 16:52
Hi Duncan, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am sorry to hear that Frank is not enjoying the best of health. Please wish him well from us at Cuefactor. I really appreciate you taking the trouble to complete the form, however it appears that it has not been attached. If you could resend that would be great. Thanks. Neil 17 August 2007 13:16
Thank you Duncan, the table is excellent. Although the driving force was the kids I must admit I enjoiyed playing at weekend, and needless to say the children are very pleased - Julie 16 August 2007 15:38
Hello Duncan, Thank you very much for your feedback which was extremely helpful. I have decided to ask 1750 pounds for the table and see if I can sell it locally in the Isle of Man. Once again thank you for your time. Kind Regards Antony Ellis 16 August 2007 08:58
Just would like to let you know I received the parcel today - took only 6 days to get from England to Macau!!!Thanks to you and your couriers!!!!Eric Cheung - 14 August 2007 03:43
I received the goods on Thursday 09/08 in a very good condition. Thanks Alexia 13 August 2007 05:19
Hi Duncan, Peter here writing from my Blackberry phone... Im still away at this time and am back next wee. Thanks very much for your email. I will be in touch shortly - Justin 10 August 2007 13:31
thanks Mark, apologies if I have been hard to reach I have been working way for 10 days...messagenow recieved - will look at tomorrow and will look forward to seeing you next week - Andrew Gray 07 August 2007 17:27
Sounds good - thanks again and see you on Tues. I appreciate that this is not good news for you and I warmly thank-you for the prompt attention and willingness to resolve my problem - Dan 07 August 2007 16:55
Dear Duncan, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Best regards, Alexia 07 August 2007 11:12
Hi Duncan, Many Thanks for your help. V. Brilliant! I will try the other names you have given me. Thank you for taking the time in answering my email. Have a great weekend what is left of it. Adam 04 August 2007 18:58
all points taken, thanks for your honesty i think i will wait and work on my wife - though as you say - she is undoubtedly correct i will keep your email address for future ref bye for now derek - 03 August 2007 12:39
Thank you so much, i cant honestly say how much this means. Josh will ring you, as soon as possible. Thanks again Sarah Hobson 01 August 2007 11:23
Mark, Thanks for the fast reponse. I will try more locally and use you guys as back up if I dont have any joy. Pity you are not based near me here in Ireland! Thanks anyway, Seamus - 16 July 2007 12:57
Hi, thanks for that information Mark but there are no local coaches, are there any you know of in Coventry? I have tried searching the net and have written to other snooker companies but you are the only one who replied to my mail. Simon Sonouo - 12 July 2007 15:45
Great, thanks, see you Saturday, Regards, Karl Jones 09 July 2007 11:13
Thanks very much for your help - Veer Doshi - 04 July 2007 14:36
Duncan, Thank you for your email. That has put our minds at rest as we were a bit concerned whether we should be polishing or waxing our table. The fact that our table has been kiln dried and then lacquered and polished to protect it is reassuring. Just to let you know we are very pleased with our table and have had many very enjoyable evenings using it. If any of our friends are interested in purchasing one, we shall definitely recommend you. Thanks again, Best wishes, Steve & Jane Maybury - 02 July 2007 14:16
Hi Duncan, thanks for the reply its been a great help,if i get stuck i will call you. once again thankyou. yours gratefully - Terry - 27 June 2007 06:06
Hiya Mark, I just wanted to thank-you for the excellent job done on site last weekend. Many of your competition stated it could not be done, yet you guys made it look relatively easy. Thanks for fitting in around the builders, I wish they were as professional as fcsnooker! - Best regards, Jonathon Winstanley - 19 June 2007 14:38
Thanks Duncan.ill take that Right Handers in to considration..i want to be a professional when im older i believe i can do it but...lots of hard work need to be done.i went snooker earlier with my mate for 3 hours played really kept getting 30-s 40's..thanks alot again - Marcus 19 June 2007 14:38
Hiya, yeah im playing really well with my new cue i love it haha, just need the case and extention now then im done..thanks alot duncan - Daniel Wright 18 June 2007 21:36
Duncan, Thanks for spending the time to reply. You have confirmed what I felt but at least I’ll stop wasting my time trying to get some money out of it. Thanks Again. All the best, John McIlwhan 14 June 2007 09:51
Duncan, Thanks for your immediate reply. Are there any other companies , you could suggest to us , who might assist in getting these tables removed??Regard, John McIlwhan 14 June 2007 09:05
Mark, Thanks you for your email. I can confirm the order details are all correct. If the table is as good as your service then everything will be great! Cheers, Phil - 02 June 2007 06:57
Duncan, Thanks for your prompt reply. I was seeking an independant opinion from someone other than my usual sources. My club, which is in Queensland, recently had 3 tables re-covered by our usual supplier prior to hosting the Australian Womens National Title. The company which we deal with is a long established, well respected company. There have been comments made about the level of the tables. You mention " normal tolerances " - what would this be - one opinion was that on a newly clothed table the "drift" into the nap, diagonally from corner to corner could be as much as 2 balls width. Considering the comments on your site about the amount of movement into the centre pocket I could imagine that 3 to 4 inches in the length of the table would not be out of the question. Of course we must consider the ability of the complaining player to hit the ball truly. I appreciate your helpful comments. Our supplier has agreed to check the tables. Thank you again, I appreciate your response will have taken some time to compile.............Bill Matthews. 27 May 2007 22:43
Hi Duncan, Apologies for contacting you – your website came up on my search for Riley Snooker Club, and I didn’t check the detail. Thanks for the info, and apologies once again, Peter Doughty 22 May 2007 08:31
Thanks for your messages, but you will hav to bear with us as we are moving house this eek. I'll discuss with Nick and get back to you - hopefully tomorrow. The table will be required in two weeks time. Helen Samuel 18 May 2007 15:10
Thank you very much indeed for that. Hopefully you can watch Euan on TV in 11 years time! ..Grant Bournhill 17 May 2007 20:13
Hi, thanks for the info, much appreciated. I will be visitng later this week and can pick the cue at that time. Olivia 13 May 2007 14:42
Dear Sirs, Many thanks for your prompt response and I really appreciate the way you handled my query and responded subsequently. Thanks and Regards, Muhammad Ahson 11 May 2007 13:22
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for reply and apologies for delay as I was in London yesterday for a sales meeting, I would be delighted to visit you next week, please let me know if convenient and suitable day/time, Regards, Steve10 May 2007 12:36
Thank you for the contact, regards, Simon Jones 08 May 2007 22:04
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for your response. You've now settled a great family debate! Anthony 08 May 2007 17:49
Thankyou for your help and advice re. nets for a snooker table that I have just ordered over the phone. I look forward to receiving them hopefully by Wednesday of next week. Gillian Kendrick.04 May 2007 14:29
Hi Duncan, Thanks for after sales care and service, the table is great so thanks for that, I shall await receipt of the extras - Regards, Chris 04 May 2007 06:26
ok, thanks alot. i will be visiting as soon as i get paid next. Thanks Gareth - 03 May 2007 22:10
Hi Duncan, As the Managing Director you should really be at home by now! It is supposed to be one of the privaleges!!! Like me you probably work long hours though, because you care about your business. I will be in touch shortly to confirm table colour and design but am leaning towards the majectic in oak. Thanks again for all your help. Your customer service has been first class. Kind regards, Jonathan 03 May 2007 18:32
Hi Duncan, I am so happy to receive your email. Thank you so much and all the little tips are very helpful and useful for me. Nice to meet you~!! Stephen 02 May 2007 14:44
Dear Mr. Webb, Thank you very much for the provided information. I'll be sure to check it all out. Thank you for the time. Wishing you all the best: Tania 30 April 2007 14:20
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for the links you provided, very appreciated. Eleri Thomas Day Activities Support Worker 26 April 2007 13:59
thanks you very much for your help, i will really consider coming up for the day for some coaching.many thanks again, michael 25 April 2007 09:34
Hi Duncan Thanks for your uplifting correspondance. I work in a much maligned industry - estate agency - though I am a director of the top company in that pile, Savills, and service is my mantra - it's amazing how my entire profession's reputation is ruined by the poor service levels offered by the vast majority of my competitors! I therefore recognise and appreciate it when I spot a company that like mine puts it to the centre of their ethos - and it certainly gets you a lot of repeat buisness! have a lovely weekend Ian 20 April 2007 16:49

Hi Mark Your thoughts mirror mine exactly - The cue is 99.9% straight and that's as good as any ameteur needs. He is delighted with it so please don't worry - i just wanted to ask the question and thank you very much for the personal attention you gave the cue - more than any customer can expect, courteous or otherwise! I am very tempted to get one for myself having seen it so you may weel get a second order very soon - i will also make the other members of my club aware of your website and strong service ethic. Have a lovely weekend Ian 20 April 2007 13:35

That's brilliant. Thanks a lot. Chris Butler - 19 April 2007 15:12
hi mark just to say the cue arrived and it looks lovely! i haven't had a chance to check it's straightness, but assuming it's fine so a big thank you for sorting that out. Ian 19 April 2007 12:24
Duncan What a fantastic reply. It's exactly what I needed. I really appreciate the time you have taken to provide a proper response, and thanks for the words of encouragement. I'll be living in London from November for 6 months and I plan to drop by for a coaching session whilst I'm there. Perhaps I will get to thank you in person. Thanks again Geoff PS Please also send Frank my kind regards. 17 April 2007 01:15
Hello Duncan, No I do not wish to create any website nor to publish in any other format. If I can print unchanged some of your coaching pages and possibly condense some other pages by deleting some narrative, with the objective of addressing teenagers who have casually played pool, generally are new to snooker. Our target group is Hawkes Bay school children, initially just 2 or 3 local schools. I do appreciate the effort you have put into developing this material is quite rightly safe guarded by your intellectual property rights which I do not wish to infringe. Thanks for your professional consideration, much appreciated....Dennis. 16 April 2007 20:00
Thanks very much Duncan, lots for me to be considering. I shall look foward to hearing from you in due course regarding the installation date for the tables...Kind regards, Alan Morris 16 April 2007 20:01
Perfect – thanks. Roger, Professor Roger K.W. Smith 06 April 2007 10:43
Alrite sir! Thanks anyway :) Ali Raza - 22 March 2007 05:12
Duncan, Apologies, I was in a rush and didn't realise you were in Lancashire. We both live in North London so this would be quite a trip. Thanks anyway for your efforts. Ashleigh 21 March 2007 14:53
Hi Duncan Thanks very much for being straight-I appreciate that. I only have 2- prototypes at the moment, that i have made,that are good enough for somebody to look at.It is really quite a simple idea and the producing of it, if successful, should be quite easy and cost effective.I am waiting on a local manufacturer to make a few better quality prototypes,about 4- weeks they say. As the patent protection has just come through (it has taken ages) i cannot wait any longer to find out if the idea is suitable for the market place and was going to send a prototype to yourself and the other to a north american contact that is keen to possibly endorse and sell. Taking your advice seems the best way to go and if you could possibly give me the address / contact of who you think would be the best connection i will contact them and hopefully forward a sample to them. I would still want to send you a prototype when they become available and if you could give me your address i will forward one in about 1 month. Regards Ross Bailey 22 March 2007 11:16
It was very kind of you to send a reply so quickly and it was very helpful to me, Many thanks, Liam Geary 19 March 2007 17:09
Hi Mark, Thanks for the prompt response and phone numbers. I shall contact Frank directly and let yuou know when I have made my first 50 break! Mark Jones Wytech - 18 March 2007 21:18
Mark, Thank-you very much for your help I emailed loads of snooker companies but you were the only one decent enough to reply. I shall give him a call in the morning. Cheers, Gary 18 March 2007 15:45
Thank you for your kind mail. I am attending a fair in Guangzhou from 17th-24th this month, and sorry for being unable to reply you right now. I will contact with you by reture. Thank you and best wishes. Nancy Cao- 17 March 2007 10:43
Hi Duncan, Thanks so much. I'm abroad at the moment in the USA, so I'll get back to you when I return on tuesday, regards, Jonathan 15 March 2007 13:17
Hi Duncan, Unbelievably, the police have actually found my cue, and the bloke who stole it! Thanks for all your help, sorry I've wasted your time, Thanks again, Brett 14 March 2007 14:25
yea my captain is my aunt marilyn shes ace! we play on a tuesday night but i work til 8 so monday would be better!! i cannot thank you enough for this! although im havin my 21st birthday party at the sumpter on saturday 7th april - u are more than welcome to come down if ur not busy x Rachel Wilkes - 05 March 2007 11:17
Thanks Duncan – nice to see commitment to check emails on Sunday night!!!I shall await the chrome lighting and shades. Thanks for the very prompt repsonse!! Regards, Steve 05 March 2007 08:06
Hi Duncan, firstly i'd like to say thank you very much for replying so soon! the main thing i want to be able to achieve out of this is to be able to win more than 2 games a season! ha ha if you are able to pop into the sumpter one evenin / night then i will gladly buy you 1 or 2 diet cokes! i would also be eternally grateful. Thanks again, Rachel 05 March 2007 01:20
Dear Mr Webb, Thanks a lot for the wood samples! You know it is very unusual to find someone willing to help when there is no financial benefit in them doing so. Great! Thanks and Best regards, Betty 03 March 2007 01:21
Thank you very much for your prompt responses. Everything seems to be fine and I look forward to discussing all other issues when we meet. Chinese will be fine and there will be four of us as before when we met. We are all really looking forward to seeing you again thanks for everything Panos 02 March 2007 23:02
Hiya Duncan, Tables are all installed and they're beautiful thanks. Just had my first hour enjoying them. One question please. Playing 'in the pub' I'm used to bigger pool balls than the 2 inch ones I've got. If I bought some 2 1/4 balls for the pool table would the pockets and return mechanism cope with them? Many thanks Andrew 02 March 2007 16:36
Hi Mark, Thank you for your e-mail. Lots of different options fopr me to consider, Very helpful. Regards, Steve 28 February 2007 08:58
Hello Mark, Thanks for your mail. I'll probably be over with the car in the autumn, so I'll buy one then and probably have it delivered to my parents address. Thanks for your quick reply. best regards, Chris 25 February 2007 11:03
Hi Duncan, This morning has arrived the cue. I'm happy that has arrived therefore soon. as soon as some will serve me other accessory I will not hesitate to contact to you. Thank you very much and Best regards. Andrea Bendinelli,Italy. 21 February 2007 14:18
Dear Duncan, First of all I would like to apologise for how long it has taken for me to send you this e-mail! I wanted to thank you sincerely for all of your assistance with the purchase of my Snooker Table (the reason behind me having little spare time to catch up on mail!!!) I had been looking for about 12 months for a table to no avail and then I came across your website! Of all the sites we looked at, yours was the best laid out and most informative. We were also looking for a modern table and fcsnooker had such a wonderful selection.The following day when I rang you, I found you to be most informative and helpful. So much so that by 7pm we had visited your premises and placed our order!!!Within a couple of weeks the table had been installed, the whole team of Henry,mark, and Ken were efficient and knowledgeable, passing on lots of tips for maintaining the table.It has been a lifelong ambition to have my own full size snooker table and you took away all of the pressure from me about choices with your guidance, making it such an enjoyable experience.Once again many thanks, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone! Got to go now and set up a new frame!!! Take care. Kind regards Mike Ryan 18 February 2007 22:59
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for the information about the tips plus the explanation as to why we may not be getting any of those great snooker championships from the UK. Will send off a wee note to our main sports channels, TSN and CTV, suggesting they reconsider showing the snooker events again as opposed to countless weightlifter competitions, something few people can relate to. Thanks again. Len Gafka 12 February 2007 20:42
Hi Duncan, Thanks for your reply, a great help, I am now on my way to century breaks! Cheers. John Wallace 12 February 2007 07:09
Dear Duncan Thank you so much for your swift and detailed reply. I will certainly contact the leads you gave me. Many thanks for your time. Best wishes Roberto - 11 February 2007 21:43
Hi Duncan, Yes, sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the notification. If you ever get into poker, please keep me in mind. Allan Low 11 February 2007 15:51
Duncan, Thanks for the quick response, now I just have to make sure I put the line on clean and straight. Daniel Bertolini 11 February 2007 15:40
Hello Duncan Thank you for the e-mails you sent, we will see you tomorrow at about 12 o'clock Many Thanks Paula 10 February 2007 12:02
Thanks for getting back to me Duncan, I understand the cost involved and appreciate your comments. I will see if I can get it listed and sell it that way, Regards, Jonothan 09 February 2007 11:53
hope that everything will go for the best! I will let you know as soon as the cue will arrive my home! Thanks for forwarding the opther items out so quickly. Best Regards, and good luck for your work. Costantino bendinelli, Italy. 07 February 2007 18:27
Many thanks Duncan. I'll look forward to the 2nd. I'm in the UK this evening so will be enjoying the snow just like you. Could be a dodgy trip to the airport in the morning though! All the best Andrew - 07 February 2007 08:37
Thanks for all the help guys, most useful. Garry Mills 05 February 2007 17:52
Hi Mark, Just to confirm that you will be visiting my home tomorrow? Thanks to date for all the work and effort put in to help me. I may be female but now i know a lot about the snooker industry!!!.Ruddha - 05 February 2007 18:07
Thanks for all the images, much appreciated. You must have thousands on your systems! Cheers, Fred - 05 February 2007 17:33
Thanks for the cueing advice, it will be a big help. Barry Dixon 01 February 2007 12:46
Dear Duncan, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement Best Regards Robin Fitzpatrick 30 January 2007 14:39
Hi Duncan, thanks very much. It’s great to have all the theories from various people, it gives me a lot to go on. I found an electric company that did pretty extensive tests and said categorically that it was not electrostatics. I have a background in materials, mechanics of contacts and lubrication (regarding oil in the cloth) so hopefully that sets me up well to investigate this. In addition, I also have some of the world’s leading experts to pick their brains! I need to convince my Director of Studies that it’s a viable option but hopefully it’ll go ahead and I’ll certainly keep you informed. Thanks very much. Josh Dalb P.S We have a match against Trinity coming up soon so I’ll see the table then! Josh - 29 January 2007 12:26
Hi, thanks for the email and supporting information. I was still having trouble with the online ordering on your website, but am not sure if the fault is at your end or with my pc. Thanks again, all resolved now - Graham - 27 January 2007 19:42
Thanks for all your help. As you mention there is a lot to consider with any overseas table purchase! Leave it with me for the time being. John White - 28 January 2007 23:53
Hi Mark, Thank you very much, most unexpected but greatly appreciated. Always get great service from your Company. Regards, Steve Gorman 26 January 2007 17:13
Ok thanks for the reply Duncan we can only really have it delivered on a Thursday so hopefully it might be the week after next. Martin Shurmer 20 January 2007 13:36
Thanks for all the details that you provided. I have already send your bank details to my client. As soon as he makes the payment, i will email you to let you know. Thanks! Kit Cheung 19 January 2007 17:52
Thank you very much for the information. We have a set budget and I bet by the time international shipping is figured it is well over our allotted $3000 USD, but thank you anyway. I've found only one convertible table sold in the U.S. and it very ugly, clearly there is a need for elegant tables of your quality here. If you ever decide to do retail sales in the U.S. I will certainly look you up. Kimberley 12 January 2007 19:24
Many thanks for your email and attached information. I am in the process of negotiating a suitable time for a group that fits in with the timetable and will contact you shortly by telephone when I have more details. Catherine Ashcroft 11 January 2007 13:37
Thanks for the coaching advice and assistance. I still can't pot any balls but at least i can stand firmly! Thanks again - Simon 09 January 2007 10:29
hi thanks for your reply it is most helpfull thank you. george.08 January 2007 20:00
Thanks for your help re Alex Higgins Duncan - much appreciated. Richard Creaney 05 January 2007 16:21
Hi guys, Just a quick email to than-you for the professional way you handled my table installation. I did not realise everything was so heavy and am still aching after moving the parts upstairs. Have a good New Year Dave Dilton - 02 January 2007 15:40
Hi Duncan, thanks very much for postponing the delivery until the 23rd. When you only have a small house it is hard to keep secrets! Much appreciated!!- Sharna - 27th Dec 2006 12.28
Thanks very much for the table measurements and markings - Alan Sizemarch - 07 December 2006 04:16
Thanks for replying. I will look for something more local. Darren 06 December 2006 20:12
Duncan, Thanks for your quick reply – much appreciated. Sorry to hear about your delivery problems with the small wooden bed tables – shame for business, Regards, Jane 06 December 2006 15:39
Dear Duncan Webb, thak you for your prompt answer. Could you please indicated if you have sales agent or shop in Italy near Milan where I can be in touch with? Thank you very much E.Mariani 29 November 2006 10:07
Hi Henry, the quotation looks great and we look forward to seeing the table in December 2006 - Sarah Maltby - 28 November 2006 21:44
Dear Mr Webb, Thank you for your assistance. The table prices seem very reasonable and I will be back in touch shortly to confirm my order. Regards, Derek Brad - CEO International Ltd 26 November 2006 22:29
Hi Duncan, Thank you for your helpful advice I will try them, Best Regards Roger - 14 November 2006 16:58
Hi Mark, thanks for the table installation services completed yesterday. The table looks great in the Beech laminate and the children are very happy. I will be in touch regarding the additional accessories, thanks again it is one less thing to worry about now with the house move. - Sue - 14th November 2006 10.15
Thanks very much for all the information forwarded through. I can confirm that I am able to come and meet you on Saturday and I look forward to seeing the table designs. Alan 13 November 2006 15:23
Thanks for all your help and assistance - Vinnie 13 November 2006 10:19
Hi Duncan, thank you very much for all your help, this is just what I needed. Gareth 11 November 2006 14:07
Hi Duncan, Thanks for getting the table delivered on tuesday. We are all absolutely delighted with it. Looks fantastic and plays brilliantly. Cheers Mark 09 November 2006 14:37
Hi Duncan, I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago (I am in Canada). I was not able to get a picture taken, however I will inquire about capturing a video of myself at the World Amateurs and can hopefully get that over to you when I get back. Thanks for the chat and tips. Patrick 01 November 2006 06:51
Hi Mark, Thank You for Your response and Your suggestion. So nice the practice and all of them, but the positive mind in the game that's different ... Ok thank You for Your help Have a nice day Pierre 30 October 2006 22:52
Thanks Duncan. I will let you know from next weekend. Rob 27th October 2006 14:18

Thanks Duncan I will be in contact with you in purchasing the pool table and ordering more. Thanks for everything. Nina 27 October 2006 12:12

thanks for that Duncan - Philip 26 October 2006 17:27
Hi Mark, Thank you very much!!! Cheers, Stuart 26 October 2006 16:47
Dear Henry, Wow…. thanks for this! Your considered email is much appreciated and I have taken on board your comments. I also understand the reasons behind your low offer and don’t think you are being cheeky at all. Thanks so much for taking the time to send me so much useful information. I will definitely use it as I go forward! With best wishes, Victoria Bradley – associate producer 26 October 2006 11:52
Thanks Duncan! Derek Johnstone - 18 October 2006 15:13
Hi Duncan Once again thanks for prompt reply and your comments and suggestion of changing my grip,i have just had a trial on the dining table.It feels strange but may as you have suggested give me more control.I will try it out tomorrow night on a snooker table. Since trying to resolve this problem i have tried finding a product or teaching aid that would improve my cueing stroke but have not come up with anything.Reading through your web site and concentrating my focus on the object ball means that i cannot see what happens to the cue when it makes contact with the white.Do you know of any such thing that is on the market or has been used by coaches of snooker,billiardsor even pool?I have seen the practise ball aid,is there anything else? Again many thanks and G'day from OZ Ross 11 October 2006 13:42
Hi Mark, Thanks so much for yesterday, its defiantly put me on the right track. I am gonna try and get an hour of practising in today as long as my lectures don't go on to long. Believe it or not on the train home I made a list of things to think of when taking a shot too however I did miss a few out from your list so thanks for that. It was nice to see you again too, I had a great evening and really appreciated it. You have the patience of a saint! Anyway I am off to lectures Thanks again and I'll speak to you soon Steph 10 October 2006 10:35
Thanks again Duncan for you assistance. I am 6’ 1’ and have very long arms. My cue has always been longer than standard, it was custom made 60 inches, however recently I have had to change the ferrule a couple of times and it has lost in total about 3 inches. I do think I might need a longer cue now but I am so used to this cue and it is a very nice piece of wood, considering extending in the butt but very risky that I might not like the way it plays after editing. I will look at getting closer to the table when I next practise. When I found snooker I was obsessed with the game, I practised on average 4-6 hours, mostly solo for the first 6 months and it took about 4 months before I could make 24 in a line up, I have got to where I am in snooker through a lot of practise. I spoke to Frank last night, he said for me to call him when I arrive in Cambridge which I will do. Regards Stephen 10 October 2006 00:02
Apologies Duncan and THANKS - James in Germany 30 September 2006 13:08
Hi Duncan, Thank you for your prompt response. Your advice has been most helpful. Given the amount of time taken up in travel for you I fully understand why this job is not suitable for you. Warm regards, Kathleen 27 September 2006 11:25

hi duncun, sorry i haven't replied earlier,well the table has finally arrived and i have to say that the quality of the table is fantastic,your advice was spot on regarding the size,you have been fantastic through out the whole purchase,and your team off fitters were very polite and helpful during the installation.if your ever in my area then please pop in for a cup of tea and a frame or two. many thanks Mohamed Adam. 25 September 2006 23:42

hi mark this is abhinav, well todayi recieved the much awaited consignment, well thanks a lot for everything and it was nice having in touch with you, well i am really sorry if i have troubled you in any way.........the cue is amazing thanks a lot abhinav 22 September 2006 11:11
Thank you for your reply, I would like to book a 2 hour session with Frank Callan. I am unnavalible on Mondays and Tuesdays. Regards, dan 20 September 2006 13:52
Thank you very much for the excellent advice and service on buying and installing my snooker table. You should be proud of the standard on which you run your company - extremely professional. Please pass on my thanks to the team who installed the table - they are excellent ambassadors for your company and it was a pleasure to see them at work. Now all I have to do is try to improve my snooker to a similar high standard - that will be the hard part! Thanks again for what has been a very easy and pleasurable buying experience. Kind Regards John Akers - 16 September 2006 10:31
Thanks Duncan I have spoken to them and they cannot help me so if you can think of any other suppliers I would be grateful. Regards Tina 14 September 2006 11:50
Thank you and I will come back to you. Regards Charles 12 September 2006 09:23
thanks alot! lol...i just found out...if i didnt obtain anything on the things i asked for from experts, it doesnt matter...in the scheme it says an effort has to be made to ask for expert advice, even tho u may not obtan any info at all. thnx alot anyway - Shash 11 September 2006 23:10
Hi Duncan Thank you very much for all the info - I didn't realise it could be so involved with cloth colours and styles!! Will pass your emails on to the client and contact you if he makes a decision. Regards Lorraine 11 September 2006 12:48
Hello Duncan, Thanks for the invoice and details. That all looks good to me. Can't wait to see the table. Speak soon, Nicola 10 September 2006 23:43
thanks very much that helps me a lot. three hours is certainly possible and i am determined to suceed!!!! my best wishes for you sir. thank you, bye bye. - Konkyzhi 09 September 2006 23:54
Thank you very much for your help. Lyndon. 08 September 2006 15:15
Many thanks for your help Duncan - Cheryl - 08 September 2006 10:45
Hi Duncan, Thanks for your mail. The tournament is over and i didin't go as well as i hoped. I won my first round match quite easily 3-0 and felt good. I even won the first frame of my second round match and had couple of chances to go 2-0 up but i didin't take them and ofcourse the game turned. My opponent relaxed, got few flukes and didin't leave my any good chances. I found it very difficult because in those last two frames he got 40-50 points infront before i had a shot. So i'm bit gutted. If i had gone 2-0 it would have been a different game. I just didin't take my chance. Big if's.. Well,the good thing is now i have more time to practice because my summerjob is over and i'm back to school. So i'll be spending many hours in practice table. I think i need to work with clearances and long potting. I'll be back in next competition. Thanks for your help Duncan. Your posts has helped me a lot! Best regards, Jussi 07 September 2006 11:02
Thanks Mark - all the details are as discussed and agreed. I look forward to hearing from you later this week and seeing your guys next Thursday or Friday Kind Regards John 04 September 2006 16:32
Dear Mark, Cue arrived today, looks good and feels great. Thank you very much, I found exactly what I was looking for, Keep up the good work. Cheers................ Dr. Shailendra, Bangalore, India. 01 September 2006 09:11
Hello Duncan! You are so kind with me.Thank you!!!! I'll use your information and will write to what happen. Regards Antonia 01 September 2006 10:46
thanks will pass on the advise.Anuj Uppal 31 August 2006 12:49
Thank you for your help......Lyndon 30 August 2006 22:11
Hello Mark, It's not valuable then...! Thank you so much for your time. Kind regards, Rebeccca 29 August 2006 14:07
Thanks Henry for all the emails. I will look through and get in touch. Lots to consider with this purchase!! Many thanks Mark 26 August 2006 19:31
Duncan, Thanks. I meant 10 miles south of Bedford! We may be able to visit one time as our family are still located in Skelmersdale, Lancs so the next time we visit them we may be able to pop in. Regards Bobby 26 August 2006 12:31
Duncan Thanks for all that I appreciate it Paul 23 August 2006 16:51
Thanks very much duncan. I understand it, now I only have to find the equivalent in spanish.... sorry about o´sullivan. thanks and best regards. Javi..21 August 2006 17:33
Hi Duncan, Thanks again for all your hard work the table looks great-just one thing-the wooden triangle you left me is too small, I think it's for pool.can you send me a bigger one with the cue ball please? ta steve smith 17 August 2006 18:31
Received in the post today. Thanks. Michael Mabbutt. 18 August 2006 00:26
Hi Duncan Sorry to have missed you yesterday. I got home just after you left. The table looks great – even better than in its picture. Neill and I had a couple of games yesterday (needless to say he won hands down…) Thanks for all your help and efficiency. Regards Annmarie 17 August 2006 08:21
Thanks for your help Duncan, your tips has been helpful. Now i have time to practice couple of weeks before my next tournament. Then i want to go all the way. Best regards, Jussi 14 August 2006 11:40
Thanks for the response.I already got in touch with dell smith yesterday. We will begin 1-2-1 training session on sunday.As per the attached docsi cannot see the second attachement detailing the standard approach to taking shots in snooker.I can only see the list of snooker coaches.Thanks for the concern. Awaiting your swift response. Thanks Anuj - 11 August 2006 12:08
Dear Mr. Webb, Thank you for your prompt reply. Definitely I will apply your professional knowlege in practice. And I will share your professional knowlege with other fans, bragging that I received a reply from the managing director of fcsnooker web site, of course showing them the mail only when necessary. Thanks a lot. Sincerely yours, Henry Zhan 08 August 2006 14:38
Hi Duncan! Hope you remember me. I have practiced hard lately and i have got some promising results. Now i can regularly clear line-up and i feel quite confident about my cueing. Unfortunately for me all my playing mates have been taking some time off the table so i haven't have a lot match practice but when i have played them i have done well so your tips have really helped me. Thanks for those. 08 August 2006 11:46
Thanks for the quick reply and I look forward to receiving the order. Yours Sincerely Arwel. 08 August 2006 11:06
Thanks again for the help Duncan, I really do appreciate it. I will start to re-list items later on. you probably will get the usual system emails as re-isting commences. Ryan 03 August 2006 17:40
Thank you for the information. We are hoping the house will be finished in 4/5 weeks and will definitely be back in touch then to discuss further and costings Maureen McKenna. We currently got to lose the broadband connection temporarily. If you have any other information etc my other email is ...... Thanks Maureen 03 August 2006 21:34
Thanks Duncan, at the moment , I am averaging breaks of 60-80, however, I feel the improvement around the corner. I believe that concentration will be the determining factor for the future of my game. Regards, Patrick 03 August 2006 14:25
Duncan, thank you for your att. It will be helpful. I hope we will stay in contact. Best wishes from Zagreb. We will be future world cahampions Regards, Darko 02 August 2006 13:01
Dear Mr. Webb Thank you for your time and reply. I did as per your suggestion and e-mailed them. Hope to find what we are looking for. Best regards Gamal Ayoub 31 July 2006 18:49
Hi Mark Many thanks for that. Look forward to receiving the cue! Cheers Stuart 26 July 2006 11:21
Hi Mark Many thanks for you prompt response. I have taken your advice and decided to go with ¾ joint cue. I would like the series 25 cue (I really like the look of it). I have just ordered the aluminum case which as you say will give the cue the best protection. Please can you let me know how long I will need to ‘bed’ the tip in (I read it somewhere!). I am most impressed with your help (and knowledge) and will recommend your site to others. Cheers again. Stuart 26 July 2006 10:34
Hi Mark Thanks very much for your quick response. Regards Blair 26 July 2006 10:32
Sorry duncan, The cue has arrived!!! It is very beautiful! for any accessory for the snooker table I will always contact! remember of me! Thank-you very much! Best Regards. Costantino Bendinelli. 20 July 2006 18:10
Dear Duncan. Very many thanks for your reply. The attachment should be useful. The two children are 7 and 12 and approx 3ft 6in and 4ft 8in respectively. The seven year old particularly struggles to reach far into the table but pots well anyway. The 12 year old has a high break of 36 and they both love playing! Thanks again for your advice Regards, Peter Daubney 20 July 2006 14:41
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Phillip 06 July 2006 15:40
Hello Duncan, Thank you for providing me with this information. Unfortunately, the snooker table that i was going to purchase was sold before i got there. Vickram 26 June 2006 10:52
Hi Duncan, Thank you for your excellent response and advice which we will consider in due course. &n bsp; Regards, John Davies 06 June 2006 15:42
Hi Duncan The snooker lights arrived first thing this morning thank you for your help regarding this. I cant wait to unpack them and get them installed I'm sure they will look fabulous. I will be in touch later for other items we will need. The service from your company has been excellent. Many thanks Jenny Hill 06 June 2006 11:03
hi , Thank you for your illustrated reply to my questions.This has greatly added to my knowledge and interest for the game. You have been very cooperative and helpful.I appreciate the effort put in your website too. Regards, A.Q 05 June 2006 18:03
Hi Duncan, Just to let you know that the very well wrapped parcel has just arrived as promised and with plenty of time to spare. Many thanks for the excellent service! Regards, Tracey Yuille 02 June 2006 11:34
Thank you very much for your reply and honest advice. M McGregor - 31 May 2006 19:30
thank you so much for your help!! russell 28 May 2006 12:59
Hi Duncan, Just a quick email to say thank you for your prompt reply and advice, much appreciated. Jamie. 12 May 2006 20:57
Thanks Duncan, I'll email Clive. Cheers Neil 10 May 2006 12:32
Hi Duncan, thanks for the information! I will inform you in the future! my best greetings. good pasqua. regards - Andrea - 15 April 2006 11:14
Hi Duncan, Thanks for your detailled reply. There certainly seems to be a lot to think about. I liked your idea of getting the slates in during construction, but unfortunately it looks like the table will have to be something for me to save up for. All funds will probably be tied up in the construction of the house. It will happen though. Much to my wife's disgust, we are having the house specially designed to accomodate a snooker table. I am planning on building a proper stone floor to take the weight and add to the sound-proofing. Anyway, thanks again for the advise and hope to be in touch soon. Best regards - Andy 14 April 2006 20:38
many thanks for your prompt reply. I've found a place in Peterborough and will go have a look up there for something I like design-wise. Will be back in touch with you in due course - Graham Wheldon - 14 April 2006 18:01
Cheers for that Duncan I have already contacted Del Smith in Romford - Richard Thornton - 13 April 2006 19:04
Hi Duncan, That answer fits perfectly. Thank you for all of your help. Best Regards, Mary Donlon 11 April 2006 10:31
Hi Duncan, Cue arrived today, looks good. Many thanks Glenn 11 April 2006 11:56
thanks have now received your e'mails, thanks for coaching advice...lets see if it works....finegrs crossed....yvonne 10 April 2006 21:26
Hi Duncan, Thanks for your mail.You have really helped me a great deal by giving me some wonderful advises and I'm confident that in future i'll be more positive and do well in snooker. Irfan Khan - 05 April 2006 01:06
Thanks again, your advice is much appreciated. Kind regards Andy 01 April 2006 22:31
Hi Duncan Thank you very much for the contact emails. Here's hoping I can get back in touch with my friend. kind regards Paula Owen 02 April 2006 00:55
Thanks for your help - Gary Brown 02 April 2006 07:48
Hello Duncan Thanks for replying to my son’s email. Regards Debbie 29 March 2006 07:44
hello thanks for your document, it is very use full. I need some type of book or e-book about rule of snooker. thanks for your help...Behnam...28 March 2006 19:12
hello I am very happy that the fcsnooker guide me, how can I play snooker. thank you very much....Benham 27 March 2006 20:42
Thanks Duncan, I will put this into practice.Faheem - 27 March 2006 14:28
Hi Duncan, Thanks for the excellent price you have provided. I am still awaiting fulfilment of some other activities and so am still some weeks off making a final decision. Most importantly I need sufficient space to put the table and this depends on some restructuring that I am hoping to do. Meanwhile hang on in there and I will get back to you when I can. Best Regards, Mark 24 March 2006 17:08
Hi Duncan I think you're right, Paul has sent the email to the wrong 'Duncan'. Apols for the confusion. We had forgotten about the photo, but will definitly forward some shots, the camera is never away at present because we recently became parents to a wonderful little girl. We'll sort something out over the weekend for you. Ps - we love the table. Heather - 16 March 2006 14:16
Hi Duncan Thanks for your prompt reply, peace is restored , WORLD WAR 3 avoided. many many thanks. Tony. & players Coalville Con Club Leics - 14 March 2006 19:09
Lights arrived on Friday, everything in order. Thanks. Speak to you soon. Alex 10 March 2006 20:15
Duncan, Thats great - thanks for your help, Mark - 09 March 2006 13:00
Thanks Duncan for all the table measurements, much appreciated - Gerry Mcevoy - 08 March 2006 11:00
Duncan, Many thanks, - Mick 07 March 2006 10:34
Thank you I will get my husband to have a look. Thank you, - Helen Salmon 07 March 2006 10:21
Hi I reciaved cue. Thank you very much ! I will make orders more in future if it not so hard for you. Alex - 02 March 2006 11:15
Thank you so much for your coaching advice which has been of great help to me. Especially the tip that for older players such as myself the eyes do not re-focus as quickly as once they did when moving the gaze from cue ball to object ball. I have never seen this mentioned in any other articles. Could I ask if you have any advice for the weakest part in my game- that is potting balls across the ends of the table, when they are not actually touching the cushion. I consistantly miss 7 out of ten of these. Thanks for your site and best wishes, Gilb Ham - 26 February 2006 13:21
Great. Thanks, and I will see you at your premises. Mark 24 February 2006 10:11
Duncan, Sounds good, we'll get back with you in a few weeks, Good luck the re-development. - Eric - 21 February 2006 20:25
Thank you! - Jussi Tyrkkö - 21 February 2006 22:36
No problem, thanks anyway. Nick Grady 21 February 2006 17:24
Hi Duncan, Thank you for coming back to me and for the information you sent. There is a gentleman on the list from Harrogate so I shall give him a call. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks again. Sarah Grady - 20 February 2006 22:05
Many thanks Duncan, I'll let you know how It goes, Kind regards, John - 20 February 2006 14:06
Thanks Duncan, The cue is for me, currently playing with a 2 peice centre joint that is quite light. I'm aware any new product takes time and I am sure everything will be satisfactory, Thanks once again, John 20 February 2006 13:24
Cheers Henry. You've been a great help. Yes I will ring and check tomorrow morning before I leave. Many Thanks, Daniel - 17 February 2006 14:16
Hi Duncan, Thanks for the prompt response! I look forward to receiving the cue and case and will be recommending your site to a couple of mates who are also looking to buy new cues. Many thanks, Scott 11 February 2006 14:13
Dear Duncan, Thank you very much for your information. Kind Regards, Paul - 06 February 2006 12:17
Hi Duncan, Just a short note to say the pool balls arrived safely - many thanks, I have been away and so missed them arriving. Table is still great, Many thanks, Joanne 01 February 2006 17:44
Dear Duncan, Thank you for replying so promptly. We will consider the possibility of buying a table cum dining table, but, as our current table top snooker table is of good quality and has done us good service for many years I may try to find someone who could renovate it. If you know of anyone able to re-felt it, please let me know. Thank you for your help. Hilary Robinson - 01 February 2006 15:45
Hi Duncan, Thanks for you help - much appreciated! I may contact you shortly with regards to the cue. Cheers, Elroy - 31 January 2006 18:53
Hi Duncan, Glad you liked them. I appreciate you sorting out a new cover - thanks very much. Kind regards, Ian - 30 January 2006 18:27
Thanks for everything, not a prob, i was planning on goin thurston one day anyway to get my cue sorted, thanks again regards, Jason - 18 January 2006 19:25
Hi Duncan, We live in Bournemouth, is there anywhere closer? We could easily get to Blackpool but then I think having a 3 hour session would make it worth the trip instead of a 4 hour drive and then an hour lesson! Thanks for replying to quickly. Lizzi 18 January 2006 12:22
Dear Duncan, Thanks, and all seems to be in order. Catherine - 18 January 2006 11:58
You are awesome, thank you for the quick response. Take care, Keith - 17 January 2006 18:22
Hello Duncan Webb, Thank you so much for your help and the considerable information you have given us. We really do appreciate all your efforts. We will e-mail B & A Leisure and hopefully our snooker table will be good as new! Thanks again, Kind regards - Jill and Graham Occomore - 13 January 2006 16:46
Duncan, I am most grateful for the information and message that you sent me in response to my email yesterday. I read with interest your comments on if it’s not broke don’t mend it. However just by reading your pointers I note a couple of errors in his play that could be ironed out. Anyway, many thanks for replying and I will pass your pointers on to him to work with in the meantime. Best regards, Mike Pryor, Area Steward, Bedfordshire Highways - 13 January 2006 09:42
Hello, Thanks for your quick reply Duncan. I think it was too quick because you forgot to attach the list of coaches so that I can get in contact with them about my enquiry. I would be grateful if you would have another go at attaching the list. Many thanks, - G York - 11 January 2006 16:11
Cue has just arrived thank you - Andy Blyth - 10 January 2006 11:46
Hi Duncan, I have received the emails. I will review this weekend and get back to you next week. Thank you, Rabeau, Nicolas (London) - 06 January 2006 - 18:12
Thanks Duncan, That looks fine now. Look forward to speaking to you next week. Regards, Scott Wolstencroft, Facilities Manager, BPP's Law School, Manchester - 06 January 2006 - 15:20
Dear Duncan, As discussed on the phone, we are looking for a 7ft snooker table, with accessories. We liked the “consort” design. Initially, we were looking for “oak” finish but given the difference in prices (as per your excellent website) we could go for “light mahogany”. If you have other similar designs available now, we would also like to see pictures. Can you please confirm the delivery cost and if you offer any kind of sales at this time of the year. Thanks for all your help to date, Best Regards, - Nicolas RABEAU - 06 January 2006 - 11:35
Duncan, thanks very much for all the information. Will come over next week - Martin 05 January 2006 - 22:40
Thanks for the info. Duncan, I will think it over and get back to you if I want to order.....Bob Dunn - 04 January 2006 - 17:02
O.k. Thank you very much for your service. You may be interested to know that none of your competitiors took the time to write back although my enquiry was always genuine. I am glad to be able to give you the work. - James Nicholls - 15 December 2005 - 14:40
Hi Duncan, I have now recieved my cue case, i have collected it from the local business post depot. Thank you so gladly for your concerns involving this matter. I look forward to purchasing any more products i may need. take care - David Moses - 13 December 2005 - 21:20
Hi Duncan, Many thanks for the help - that's great - Vicky - 30 November 2005 - 15:42

Many thanks, Duncan, for the quick reply. Cheers, Jason - 30 November 2005 - 13:57

Duncan, I totally understand that you must be careful with what information you distribute. I am therefore extremely grateful for the information you have given me and this will be very useful in helping me write my coursework. Thanks very much Kind regards, Robert Hunt, Cirencester College - 22 November 2005 - 17:26
Ok thanks for replying anyway, katie burrows - 18 November 2005 - 18:34
Thanks a lot anyway, it's useful to know that there is at least a possibilty of it's being done. cheers G. Savage - 18 November 2005 - 12:39
Hi, Thank you for your mail, Regards, Rajesh Patil - 18 November 2005 - 07:42
Thank you for your time! besty regards, Shaban Hussain - 15 November 2005 15:26
Hi Duncan, Thanks for the info. I did a little more searching and found the The World Snooker Association rules posted on a site. They seem to be as official as anything I have seen so far. thanks again, Craig - 07 November 2005 - 15:16
Thank you very much Duncan , I will give her a call. Many thanks, Clare Love - 03 November 2005 - 12:23
Hi Duncan. Thank you very much for the information requested. My friend and I ,had a very enjoyable evening playing "skittle billiards ", and look forward to many more. Gerry McLaughlin - 27 October 2005 - 23:59
Thank you Duncan. I really appreciate your help. Arne - 24 September 2005 - 14:59
Sorry about that but thanks for the help....- Nicole van Oosterom - 14 September 2005 - 14:32
Hi Duncan, Thanks for the courtesy of a reply, which is very useful. It bears out what I thought. Best regards, Brian - 14 September 2005 - 14:31

Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I did not think there was a simple solution. - Tony, NZ - 09 September 2005 - 21:50

No problem thanks for your time. - Dave Goddard - 09 September 2005 - 12:41
Thank You, i"ll try to do that - Asi 03 September 2005 - 08:21
Thank you i will, - Chet - 02 September 2005 - 14:25
Hi, Thank you for your reply. We have managed to sort it out. Thank you. Pam McNally. 23 August 2005 - 16:34
Duncan – Thanks for the information - Mark L. Morris - 15 June 2005 - 12:22
hello sir, first of all a big thanks for u,sir i have been concentrating on drill and now i am a good consistent potter.i am now a better player than what i was when i mailed u last time.thanks a lot for ur suggestions . bye - Amir Khan - 13 June 2005 - 07:03
hi, i am really thankful to you for your response to my letter as i have never expected a response from such a great internet site .thanks again and i will be considering ur points. bye - Amir Khan - 08 June 2005 06:55
Thank you for your honesty and assistance - david thompson - 01 June 2005 07:43
Many thanks for your prompt reply and help regarding DVD's and Videos. Will try them both! - David - 31 May 2005 - 13:09
Dear Duncan, Thank you indeed for all the information. I will pass it to my client and will get back to u. regards, hanah..28 May 2005 - 14:04
Thankyou very much! As I am sure you guessed, I PLAY and not PLAT at a great club!! Thanks again - Stuart Clark - 27 May 2005 - 09:59
Hi Duncan, Meters arrived ok. Many thanks for your excellent service. Regards, Barry Elson...20 May 2005 - 18:37
hi ducan, thanks alot for your help , i will look into them links & i will get back to you if i need anymore advice thats if you dont mind... steve - 15 May 2005 - 13:15
hi duncan, many thanks for your quick reply:) will try the addresses you sent me, thanks again and have a nice day - suzi - 06 May 2005 - 01:08
hi i received your information thanks a lot for that......sincerley - christian - 05 May 2005 - 19:15
Dear Mr. Callen, I have greatly enjoyed your website and am paying close attention as I plan to begin playing snooker again after an absence of many years. I will be required to practise a great deal to try to learn to compensate for seriously deteriorated vision in my right eye. However, I hope that with good effort I can regain reasonable proficiency. I always enjoyed the game a very great deal. In reading through your website, I note that you were desirous of compiling a list of great snooker coaches. I would like respectfully to suggest the name of Ray J. Sebree, formerly of Harrisonville, Missouri, USA. Mr. Sebree operated The Snooker Club in Harrisonville for many years and introduced many young men to the game. A true gentleman of the game, he was a fine player and a profound, patient coach for those who chose to attend to his guidance. My wife and I hope to visit the UK within the next five years. At that time, I hope to visit your establishment in Preston. Respectfully, James E. Weaver, 6904 North Grove Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, 405.728.2200 - 05 May 2005 15:4
Hi Duncan, I took on board what you suggested and added a couple of tweeks of my own. Last Friday I had my first century in practice. So I must be heading in the right direction. Many thanks for your help, Andrew. 04 May 2005 - 16:17
Dear Duncan, Thank you so much for taking the troble to email me, regards - Martin Ellis Jones - 03 May 2005 14:44
Duncan, Thanks for your reply. I am trying to source the original supplier but the table was installed under an Architects instruction and I believe it is a supply only company. I have already emailed a couple of London based companies but not yet received any replies. Thanks for you help in any case. - JC John M Cox - The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Church Road - 03 May 2005 - 07:49
Hi Duncan, Thanks for taking the time to send me those contacts. I wrote to you mainly because you have a page devoted to the subject - it keeps on being mentioned in the Embassy coverage. Can't spend too much time thinking about it right now though, last session coming up, mustn't miss any of it! Time for one cuppa before next break - those players earn their prize money. But wouldn't it be weird if it turned out that "luck" was an integral part of the game?-- Best wishes, Derek - 02 May 2005 - 17:32
Duncan, Thanks for your advice. I will certianly contact Kevin Muncaster after the bank holiday and send my cue away for the necessary work. I have already ordered two extensions from your website which I think is excellent and easy to negotiate. Thanks again for your full and prompt response to my enquiry - Steve - 02 May 2005 - 10:23
Hello Duncan, Thanks for providing me information concerning hiring some snookerplayers. I am sure this will help me. Cheers, Freddy 22 April 2005 - 11:17
thanks duncan well the problem is i live a long way away so but ive heard of a coach were i live in haverhill so i dnt no ikf im still doing this but its for my birthday so its up to my dad but the tips have helped so thanks alot duncan - nikolas charles - 12 April 2005 - 20:31
Dear Mr Callan. I am only a club player (Rileys) . Do you have time to instruct someone at such a low level. If you do I would willingly drive up from the west country for a lesson, provided it was within my means. Thanks again for your web-site which is invaluable. - Gilb Ham. - 09 April 2005 - 13:20
Hi everyone......slowly but surely I am improving......major advantage now i have table at home......thanks again........still not received table cover.......new postman I think!!.......bobby - 09 April 2005 - 12.:46
Than you very much for the excellent tips in your site. By following them I have had much enjoyment and not a little success. Gilb Ham - 08 April 2005 - 13:46
i would like to let you know i recieved my things from you today thank you very much - Steve Wormleighton - 09 March 2005 00:04
Hello from Germany! Thanks for your homepage. I've found a lot of very interesting informations about snooker. I'm especially impressed by the coaching-sites. There are a lot of things i'm going to try practicly. But do you know another homepage at the web or maybe a book, where I can find information how to calculate the path of the cueball after touching the object ball. Thanks for your answer and best regards. Claus H. 04 March 2005 13:57
Hi Duncan, thanks a lot for the quick reply! Preston is quite a way from Abingdon so I'd have to think about travel and accomodation etc, however as soon as I get that sorted I will contact Frank and sort something out. Thanks again, best wishes, Mark - 28 February 2005 - 17:36
Thank you very much, not only for your e-mail and the attachments but also for the time and effort you put in to writing it. I appreciate it. - p a f claxton - 22 February 2005 - 12:50
Hi - just a quick note to let you know I enjoy your webpage very much. A lot of good information here for an amatuer player like myself. I live in Canada and wish there was more snooker on tv here to enjoy. Some years ago we used to get at the very least the quarter finals of some of the major tournaments. Thanks again for the great info. Brian Wilkinson - Leamington, Ontario, Canada - 10 February 2005 - 04:33
Dear Duncan, I would like to say thank you for your kind reply. Good luck - Wayne 19 December 2004 14:33
Hi Duncan, Thanks a lot for your inspiring mail. Lets see if I can take my game to that level. Amit Kumar - 09 February 2005 - 10:49
Hello Duncan, Thanks for your advice - I will continue as you suggest, it seems sensible to persevere with what works and I note your comments about the eyes working in tandem- makes sense.Main thing is to keep enjoying my game. Archie - 29 January 2005 - 10:30
Hi Henry / Duncan, Thankyou very much for your assistance, that was most useful. Best wishes, George - 28 January 2005 09:19
Thanxs for all your comments and tips , am really going to try and put them into practice , if i ever hit a 147 i will write to thank you , cheers, DJ. Don Johnston - 16 December 2004 - 01:07
Many thanks, Mark & apologies for the confusion. With best wishes for a very happy Christmas, - Nicki Lutman - 09 December 2004 - 10:39
Hi Duncan, Thanks for your honesty concerning the recover of the tables, and for the price guide. But I am sure we will be doing business with you at some time in the future again. Regards, - Barry - 08 December 2004 - 15:50
Hello, Thank you for your email and all the information. There is almost too much to choice! I will be responding shortly. - Michael Miller - 06 December 2004 -09:20
Thanks for the info. Carole - 05 December 2004 - 08:59
Dear Duncan, I would like to say thank you for your kind reply. Good luck - Wayne 03 December 2004 14:33
Hello Duncan, Thanks for your advice - I will continue as you suggest, it seems sensible to persevere with what works and I note your comments about the eyes working in tandem- makes sense.Main thing is to keep enjoying my game. Archie - 02 December 2004 - 10:30
Hi Henry / Duncan, Thankyou very much for your assistance, that was most useful. Best wishes, George - 01 December 2004
Thanxs for all your comments and tips , am really going to try and put them into practice , if i ever hit a 147 i will write to thank you , cheers, DJ. Don Johnston - 01 December 2004 - 01:07

Many thanks, Mark & apologies for the confusion. With best wishes for a very happy Christmas, - Nicki Lutman - 01 December 2004 - 10:39

Hi Duncan, Thanks for your honesty concerning the recover of the tables, and for the price guide. But I am sure we will be doing business with you at some time in the future again. Regards, - Barry - 30th November 2004 - 15:50
Hello, Thank you for your email and all the information. There is almost too much to choice! I will be responding shortly. - Michael Miller - 29th November 2004
Thanks for the info. Carole - 28th November 2005
Hi Duncan, Sorry I never managed to return your telephone call, but would like to offer my thanks for the excellent service concerning the light Meter. It was actually used for the new lighting over our table tennis area, which is probably more used than the snooker. Our 2 full sized snooker tables are re-covered every two years, and are due again in February 2005, I would welcome any price guide from yourselves for consideration of placing the order with you. Thanks once again, Barry Elson - 27th November 2004 - 22:22
Hi Duncan, Cue case arrived on Friday morning thank-you very much. John - 15 November 2004 - 14:12
Thanks Duncan your your help, it’s greatly appreciated. Have a good weekend - Janine - 12 November 2004 - 14:15
thank you for your help...Fozia Naseem, PR & Events, Bradford Group Office - 11 November 2004 - 09:59
Hi guys, thanks for the table!!!.....Excellent.....much better than the player.......Regards from Scotland!! - Graham - 20 September 2004 - 18.00
Dear Duncan, Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to reply to my enquiry regarding hand warmers. All the best - Adam - 20 September 2004 - 18:53
Thanks dear i allready recieved my order in good condetions and safely. Best Regards, Bader - 17 September 2004 - 04:47
Thanks Duncan, I finally got my cue delivered today. It sure took a long time but it looks great and it feels great. cant wait to try it out later tonight. thanks again and best regards from China - Sam Wong - 13 September 2004 - 23:37
Hi Duncan, thanks for supplying the billiard gloves, I appreciate this very much. Sticky hands was spoiling my enjoyment. Thanks a ton! - Regards, Anthony - 26 August 2004 - 16:16
Duncan, The cue and case arrived safely yesterday and is perfect - Thanks very much - Mark - 25 August 2004 - 08:47
hi fcsnooker, thanks again for your generosity in recovering the snooker table in the childrens ward, it is much appreciated. I spoke to the press office and the article should go in The Evening Post one day this week,it is in the Preston Citizen, I will let you know which day as soon as I find out myself - Bye for now, Kate - 23 August 2004 - 10:05
Thank You very much for your help Duncan - Keep up the great work - Dieter Erasmus - 16 August 2004 - 05:29
Thanks for your help. Nice to know that you value overseas customers so highly. Regards from Holland, Maarten Vrolijk 03 August 2004 - 22:17
Both cue and case arrived safe and sound today. Many thanks for prompt service - Dr David M Bush - 03 June 2004 - 18:25
Cheque for postage received today, thank-you for addresssing this so quickly - Jim Hooker - 27 May 2004 - 17:48
Hi Mark, just a quick courtesy email to thank you for the wonderful job done in installing the snooker table for my father. The fitters were polite and pleasant and it was v. interesting watching how the table goes together. Thanks for keeping the suprise from him - Mary - 24 May 2004 - 17.50
Duncan, All I can say is thanks again. May I trouble you for Clive's email address? I think you may have sent me this before, but I cannot locate it. If I can get a publisher would you and your magazine consider doing a story to help promote the book? - John White - 24 May 2004 - 15:24
Dear Duncan, Thats brilliant! Thanks so much for signposting for referee courses. Best Wishes, Dave. - 24 May 2004 - 15:18
Thank you very much for case dimensions it is much appreiciated, thanks, Harry - 07 May 2004 - 09:27
Thankyou very much. I found exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work - Wendy Owen - 05 May 2004 - 16:11
Thanks a mill’ Henry for the email address for the Crucible, that’s great…. Cheers - Niall Lewis - 22 April 2004 - 13:25
Many thanks for clearing up our debate on the rules - Ken Masters - Ampthill, Bedford, MK45 2ST - 12 April 2004 - 12:54
Hi fcsnooker, Thankyou for your help with contacting Alex Higgins, much appreciated - Di Neale - 10 April 2004 - 15:18
Hi....... just to let you know I have received the table iron which I had ordered for my husband's birthday pressie. It arrived on Wednesday only 2 days after I ordered it - we thought it might arrive Saturday - Many thanks for your help - Deborah Hawksley - 01 April 2004 - 17:43
Thank-you so much for your help regarding the Rex Williams Pool / Snooker Cue - Elizabeth - 31 March 2004 - 20:34
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